With an iconic backdrop, gorgeous design and styling by International Event Company, we knew this elegant wedding in Beverly Hills was destined for greatness. The kind of greatness that meshes ghost chairs with over the top floral design by LA Premier and a reception to knock your socks off! And especially the kind of greatness that the cameras of Jessica Claire Photography is known to produce. If you have ever dreamed of an elegant wedding at The Beverly Hills Hotel, this gem will give you the chills.

Elegant Wedding in Beverly Hills

Combine one stunning bride with her dapper groom, add in a classic California hotel and you have one incredibly breathtaking wedding. The ceremony opens with gates that seem to grace the entrance of the Garden of Eden itself. The aisle leads to a chuppah that dazzles in crisp white floral and greenery complimented only by the surroundings of the hotel grounds with lush palm trees overhead. Just as you catch your breath from the beauty of the ceremony, the reception unfolds with purer magic glimmering under the soft purple lighting hue of LIV Entertainment Group and backdrop of Revelry Event Designers. With thousands of ribboned crystals cascading above the guests, this scene is the perfect blend of elegance, opulence and modern delight. Seriously, we can't stop exclaiming, "orchids, tulips and roses - oh my!" Taking center stage is, of course, a delicious show stopping Joanie & Leigh's Cakes with seven tiers swathed in floral prettiness. It is truly hard to play favorites, but this dream day certainly is top of the charts with us.