Every Monday needs to be greeted with a perfect cup of coffee. This was our thinking when we reflected about the top of the week after experiencing one majestic weekend at New York International Bridal Market. For us the crème de la crème unfolded when the Ines Di Santo 2017 bridal collection graced the runway. For this glorious collection, Ines imaged "a beautiful patisserie - polished wood floors, delicate cups of coffee still served with a saucer and gleaming glass cases. The wonder that comes over each of us when it is our turn to choose." To our further delight, Duke Photography partnered with us to capture the awe-inspiring beauty. Truly what better photographer to partner with, but one renowned for making dreams last frame upon frame. Trust us when we say that the Ines Di Santo 2017 bridal collection is one that would even make Cinderella jealous. Get ready to the savor the beauty!

Ines Di Santo 2017 Bridal Collection

As you browse this fabulous gallery and Ines Di Santo's glass case that is brimming with beautiful confections you will be transported to the show itself. Take delight in the soft hues of each gown and the fine details and texture. If you are looking for something blue or a gown that exudes personality this 2017 bridal collection is the one. Get ready to fall in love all over again. You will find gowns with delicate vines and petite flowers. You will find some with just a touch of sweetness in their lace overlay. A sprinkling of gowns that are deceptively simple, much like a madeleine, - where the beauty emerges quietly. You will find a little pinch of spice. You will see the confections that are selected only for the grand celebration - to be savored slowly surrounded by dear friends and family. Welcome to the Ines Di Santo 2017 bridal collection - her very own patisserie. We are more than certainly that you will find a favorite or even two!