In our fast-paced society, it's a treat to be able to slow down and relish the magnetism of a styled shoot such as todays conveys. A magical blend of antiquity and modernity. Set in a place where old world values, traditions and ways of life are still quite present. Arte de Vie eloquently captured how Kelly Faetanini designs exude old world romance. Each frame unfolds telling of a story that honors romance and the slow steady burn of a deep and enduring passion between a bride and groom. In the heart of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, this A-list of vendors exquisitely communicated the deeply rooted love of this radiant bride and chivalrous groom on the Charles Bridge. The styling, design and planning by Blue Gardenia Events and planning assistant Honey Wedding who created this sense of a mystical romance is worthy of a Oscar award.

Kelly Faetanini Designs Exude Old World Romance

The Charles Bridge is an iconic symbol that has stood the test of time, a gateway taking us to another time and place. The statues lining the bridge are ominous, mystical, gilded. And their culture honors love and passion as well as human connection through the simplicity of "la vita quotidiana" (everyday life). They pride themselves on creating and maintaining a traditional sense of romance in their relationships and returning to the past can bring a richness to anyone's current relationship. The bride's stunning Kelly Faetanini gown with gilded accents and gold leaf tiara by Eden Luxe Bridal are the perfect starting point. Black paper goods with gilded ink echo the ominous statues while the plum and rich wine hues of Blue Gardenia Events' florals, Melissa's Fine Pastries' cake, and the moody yet dramatic tablescape are deeply amorous. The bride and groom are certainly the stars on stage of this mystical romance - and, their tender embraces reveal a deep and abiding love¦ a tale as old as time and as timeless as the Charles Bridge.