This fab bride and groom have guests going around the world in a day with their untraditional wedding that breaks the mold of what we customarily feature too. It could be the bride's statement black and tan Vera Wang gown or the groom's Scottish kilt he donned at the reception, regardless these lovebirds captured our attention. With each image Michael Stephens Photography led us deeper into the uniqueness of their wedding day details in Santa Maria, California. The night unraveled with heightened intrigue at the Presqu'ile Winery and Le Festin Events at the planning helm. Janine and Gab certainly had a theme - to break tradition and to give friends and family a taste of their global trotting wanderlust.

Untraditional Wedding That Breaks the Mold

Let's start with Janine's iconic Joelle gown by Vera Wang. She may not be our first featured bride to wear this show-stopper, but she certainly wore it with flair. This black beauty ball gown has a strapless corset bodice and is layered with tan organic textured pleating and organza scallops that will leave jaws on the floor. Be sure to check out Janine's vintage setting too - sapphires surrounding a megawatt square diamond that leaves us breathless. When you pair her fashionista panache with a groom who is ready to rock a kilt, you immediately begin envying this couple's unabashed desire to stand out from a crowd. For us - nothing breaks traditional more than allowing your own individual style to shine. Unobstructed views of the Santa Maria Valley skyline make Presqu'ile Winery feel like and island in and of itself. With 180 degrees of beautiful horizon as their backdrop it was easy to create a stylishly modern and majestic vibe. Bagpipes kicked off the couple's "I Do's" and the ceremonial Celtic knot tying completed it. At the reception, minimalism reigned but the fragrance of Rosemary wafted throughout the room as each table adorned varying containers with antique metallic gold peppering the color palette of white and greenery. Throughout the evening the wine room emanated a galaxy of color as the couple danced the night away with those they hold near and dear to the hearts.