From pop culture to nostalgia-filled affairs, a memorable creative wedding day theme can take your guests on a very personal journey into the couple's love story. With this key concept in mind, Two Perfect Events and Green Snap Dragon brought to life the mythical legend of Koi, associating characteristics to life's challenges and triumphs. Pearl Hsieh Photography beautifully reveals the memorable creative wedding day theme from behind her lens. Representing courage, good fortune, happiness, longevity, perseverance, prosperity, relationships, strength and success how could a couple go wrong with the Koi's symbolic standing of love and long-lasting relationships? This team of wedding professionals transformed their artistry into a day of magic at the Triple S Ranch. Step into the prettiness with this color crushing gallery just in time for the warmer more vibrant months ahead.

Memorable Creative Wedding Day Theme

By starting with a deeper theme that's meaningful and building out elements to further an art form, a couple can achieve an outcome that's more than just pretty. The art pieces can also serve as keepsakes to remind the couple and wedding guests for years to come. The handmade ceramic koi are a classic example by evoking a personal touch while bringing meaningful reflection and detail to the life journey. Each vendor was encouraged to interpret the Koi theme and drew from different elements of the myth. Seasonal florals designed by Emily of Green Snapdragon Floral Design were inspired by color and texture but also by the suggestion of movement of fish in water. Venus of La Vie Douce Designs sought to recreate the poetic aurora and lyrical flow of Koi along with the warmth of autumn colors in her "watercolor" cake. The porcelain koi were custom-made to swim about the tablescape by Leah of Octopus Bunny. The watercolor invitation suite, also created by Leah for Two Perfect Events, was hand-painted and designed around the concept of organic forms and Chinese calligraphy styles. Felicia of Bun Bun Bridal Lab created a sleek makeup look influenced by koi colors, paired with a classic, sultry, and glamorous side up-do with florals to add a romantic embellishment to an otherwise traditional look. All of the artists who participated in the shoot collaborated to create an overall aesthetic greater than the sum of its constituent parts, bringing the legend to life.

Legend of the Koi

The Kuchibeni Koi (white and red patterns) represent love and long-lasting relationships, they have long been revered for their beauty and coloring. They are no ordinary fish and are not to be confused with goldfish. They earned their reputation in a legend where a school of golden Koi gained strength by swimming against the current to reach a waterfall. While the koi attempted to scale the waterfall, nearby demons ridiculed their efforts and raised the waterfall higher. It wasn't until a hundred years had passed that a single Koi finally jumped its way to the top of the mountain. The demonstration of determination and perseverance impressed the gods, and they transformed the koi into a golden dragon, a symbol of power and strength.

Photographer: Pearl Hsieh Photography, LLC Professional: Pearl Hsieh Photography LLC Event Venue: Triple S Ranch Event Planner: Two Perfect Events Equipment Rentals: Bright Event Rentals Floral Designer: Green Snapdragon Dress Store: Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal Couture Invitation Designer: Two Perfect Events Bakery: La Vie Douce Design Design and Decor: Octopus Bunny Makeup Artist: Bun Bun Bridal Lab Signage: JBG Design