Imagine owning a family country home and wine estate in Tuscany where one day you and your future wife would be married. Some serious life goals, right!? That is exactly how Ariel and Chris's fairytale luxury countryside Tuscany wedding unfolded. To say that The Tuscan Wedding event planning team with florist Vincenzo Dascanio created a swoon-fest of magical moments at this private estate would be an understatement. Luckily, Studiobonon Photography has "the pix to prove" for all of us to lust over in this glorious gallery.

Luxury Countryside Tuscany Wedding

Ariel and Chris met stateside in college, quickly becoming sweethearts who were inseparable. As a young boy, Chris often vacationed at his family's villa sprawled across the vineyards in the countryside of Tuscany. It was during these times that Chris fell in love with the beauty of Italy. They both knew immediately that this special place would be where they would exchange their vows. Sharing the celebration and own passion for the wine and unparalleled scenery with their closest family and friends. An elevated conservatory was built on the estate for the festivities to take place. The vineyards surrounding the property, that Chris' family are so well known for, were decorated with thousands of fairy lights creating a romantic and stunning atmosphere that the guests will remember forever. But, what is apparent in the photography and the cinematography is the love and devotion Ariel and Chris have for one another. Stunning color blends set against the rustic white rentals created a luxurious feel with sparkling chandeliers casting an enchanted glow. This wedding day was unquestionable magnificent amplified by the touching moments between the newlyweds. A truly romantic love story culminating with a luxury countryside Tuscany wedding - it does not get much better than this real-life fairytale. Of course, just as any grand affair should end, their day lit up the skies with a firework show to signify how sparks fly whenever they are together.