When we come across a wedding day celebration that is simply "one for the ages," implying it is not merely timeless, but unforgettable - then even we become speechless. It doesn't mean we aren't going to try and gush our hearts out over the sheer magnificence of this art deco luxury wedding in Moscow. Wedding planner Gorlanova Event reawakened the pure essence of the Golden Era of Jazz with this phenomenal interpretation of the Great Gatsby for Alex and Yana's wedding day. Avant-garde floral designs were created by Flowerbazar - honestly, there are not enough adjectives to describe these sensational designs. And when you have three photographers, Julia Frantova, Liliya Gorlanova and Dimitry Karpov, to capture the action and to tell the story, you just know it is something extraordinary. As this stunning gallery of décor feats and entertainment value unfold, see how these amazing vendors visually translated F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing best. Depicting how this era was one where "the parties were bigger, the pace was faster and the shows were broader."

Art Deco Luxury Wedding in Moscow

To set the stage, prior to the festivities of their dream day, Alex and Yana dressed in theme to capture picturesque images that were used as part of the reception décor. This was just pure magic and a fantastic personal touch for the reception with friends and family. With Yana dressed in her billowing Vera Wang gown and her bridesmaids in Asos Collection, we being to see the fairytale side of their wedding day unfurl. The Berta Spa Village in the Moscow Region was the backdrop for both the ceremony and the reception. A magnificent floral arch with hundreds of crystal strands cascading down from the center was the focal point of the nuptial staging. Without a doubt, guests were surrounded by floral at this ceremony. From the entrance of the ceremony stood tall pedestals that melded with floral garland and chair details. This area was literally blooming in shades of peach and pink. The floral pedestals boasted the iconic art déco fan pattern complimenting the accent detail of the aisle and Special Invite's paper suite. Not a detail was missed. Moving into the reception tented in creams and glowing in blush lighting, a robust floral chandelier installation made for one show-stopping wow factor. Live entertainment was definitely a theme, from the dance floor flappers to the outdoor aerialists and a live concert that could only end with a firework show for all. Alex and Yana's art deco luxury wedding in Moscow just goes to show that "a little party never killed nobody!"