When you have a designer whose recipe for romance is one part whimsical, two parts unique and always magical, the end result is a true reflective beauty of the bride wearing the dress of her dreams. Without a doubt, the Fall 2017 Collection of Morilee by Madeline Gardner captures the pure essence of a fairytale and is appropriately named "Reflections." Each design shines with an enchanted charm and polished sophistication. Inspired by the reflection of beauty, light and details, her new styles spark with a radiant prettiness that will make your heart beat a little faster. Whether it is one of her princess ball gowns or sculpted mermaids (and every silhouette in between), these wedding dresses boast meticulous details that will make you swoon over each stitch. The Fall 2017 Collection Morilee by Madeline Gardner exudes a timeless romance blended with a modern flair. Each gown evoking its own expression of demur femininity.

Fall 2017 Collection of Morilee by Madeline Gardner

This collection of beautifully crafted gowns comprised of tulle, lace, organza and more feature exceptional details like 3D floral or stunning embroideries that present luxury and simplicity at the same time. We are in awe of the way Madeline Gardner crafts a delicate look that evokes innocence while still presenting a sensual and dramatic feel for the bride on her wedding day. For Madeline Gardner, "Reflections is the spark of radiance that shines off the crystal beading. And the glisten in the eyes of those that share the love on that special wedding day. It's the beauty of life's images that touch us and that we see in those around us. What I see in these reflections, bring about the special details that make my gowns come alive." This season, Madeline Gardner has outdone herself. With each of her collection debuts, she has us falling in love with the flawlessness of her designs. Combining sublime elegance and allure. To us, these wedding dresses dance with innovation and vibrancy. As a designer, Madeline Gardner takes in what's new, relevant and beautiful and puts a fresh spin on it which makes her designs stand out. A muse all on her own for the bride looking for a fairytale godmother designing the dress of her dreams.