We're on the doorstep of summer and outdoor wedding season! With innumerable décor options, it thrills us to see a new trend popping up. This nature inspired summer wedding in Thailand is exactly that. Bringing the elements and beauty of Thailand to Name and Pim's ceremony and reception with expert finesse is The Wedding Bliss Thailand and Phka Studio. Maybe not the native monkeys darinimages captured along with all the eye candy of the day - but this troop of Macaque could have been guests themselves! Filled with personal touches providing a vintage and organic vibe this dream day has a romantic sensibility that fills our gallery with the allure of an outdoor beach wedding perfect for a bright nature inspired summer wedding.

Nature Inspired Summer Wedding in Thailand

This two day celebration began with a more formal and minimalistic Thai engagement. Their wedding ceremony was in Bangkok with a laidback and fun experience for family and friends along the shoreline. The Wedding Bliss Thailand and Phka Studio used bright colored European garden blooms, accentuated by pink and orange orchids. The venue inspired the naturalness of the décor with its beautiful lawn, seafront location and minimalistic stone and wooden architecture. Walking down the aisle, the impressive tree graced in floral garlands created a truly special focal point that carried earthy tones. An overall whimsical and ethereal feel surrounded the couple. Beautifully simply, but not plain this wedding is imbued with a sense of the couple themselves that allowed guests to enjoy an intimate experience. The bride's own creative spirit shined through as she is talented in many ways herself: cooking rich desserts, producing stylish clothes and has a meticulous taste in photography. Every single detail of the wedding was deeply personal and customized. From her gorgeous tailor-made gown from Patarasiri, to the flower selection and indulgent menu her own taste carried through with an unforgettable flair.

Flowers: Phka Studio Venue: x2 Kui Buri