Do you hear that? Paradise is calling and this year's tropical destination wedding planning is on the rise with the gentle kiss of a sea breeze, the sun's caress and beaches that sing "it's five o'clock somewhere." We might not be able to help you truly escape, but a virtual oasis of beauty can certainly be found in this gallery thanks to the exotic vision of Agape Planning. It's like stumbling upon a treasure trove of floral prettiness with Tustin Florist's ornamental creations that unveil a stunning sanctuary. The crown jewel of the piece is Lin & Jirsa behind the lens breathing an air of romance into each picturesque moment. This fabulous team of vendors will certainly spark your imagination with their magnificent translation of paradise for your own tropical destination wedding planning.

Tropical Destination Wedding Planning

Heavily inspired by the bright hues and soft glow of the tropics, the use of color blend and exotic combinations easily becomes the focal point. Sparkling teal-green, inviting magenta-pink and loud yellows paired with lush greens and natural browns with the occasional splash of bright orange or purple created a warm and inviting ambiance. The lush shades melded beautifully into the striking floral arrangements that adorned the reception. While bold florals accented the stationery specifically designed for the occasion. Various tablescapes were produced to add a variety of texture and design. The seating layouts and tablescapes, tied together by fun bamboo plates and cerulean linens, created a near luau vibe bringing an energetic feel to the atmosphere. Punctuating the tablestops are varied arrangements of orange dahlias, light green succulents, yellow orchids and fuchsia roses. The bride wearing Evelyn Bridal wore a perfect destination gown with a lighter fabric and minimal train. Optimal choices that won't frustrate a bride trying to travel with layered dress.