Once upon a time, characters like Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel captured our little girl hearts and fairytale dreams. Even now, when it comes to whimsical Disney themed wedding inspiration these classic tales continue to provide a muse and tap into these fanciful ideals. Maybe it's the enchanting love story or the playful details, but today's gallery captured by Samantha Ong Photography's reignites those girly visions. With meticulous planning, styling and coordination by Rainbow Chan Weddings, Cup and Saucers and The Ultimate Wedding Project comes this interpretation of a "Once Upon A Time" wedding theme. From the lush floral of Mum's Garden Floral to Je Vis Couture's three gorgeous gowns, this is a tale of classic fairytale-esque prettiness.

Whimsical Disney Themed Wedding Inspiration

Using a color palette with a mix of trending Pantone hues, the Faculty Club at the University of Toronto became the perfect backdrop for this theme. The high-ceilings of the Wedgewood ball room with its soft blue room and hanging vintage chandeliers are reminiscent of a timeless Disney setting. The editorial's main characters are certainly princesses themselves, with a bridal style channeling the vibes of Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel. Maggie Ng: Makeup + Hair crafted three varying bridal styles that are absolutely flawless for a princess. The colorful rose mixture of Pantone-hued blooms tie beautiful together with greenery a trending shade. Working with gold as the main metallic accent, come effortlessly together and cast a luxurious ambience adding to the whimsical theme. The gold accent from the chargers, chiavari chairs, candelabras and the vase are offset by dusty pink satin napkins, place settings of elegant china with gold rims and mixed patterns for a touch of texture. Ultimately, all the elements harmoniously created a timeless aesthetic. This whimsical Disney themed wedding inspiration certainly is one way to achieve an unforgettable and "happily ever after."