Take a Pnina Tornai bride marrying at The Resort at Pelican Hill with Duke Photography behind the lens and a real life fairytale wedding in California begins to unfold. Add to that Square Root Designs on floral and Besharati Group at the helm and it is a recipe for pure magic. For Shadi and Ramin everything they ever dreamed of went exactly as planned. How often do you here those fabulous words? For this bride who went to bed worrying about rain on her wedding day with blemishes on her face, she instead woke to everything coming together perfectly. With so many brides having similar anxieties the night before we think her story is worthy telling for reassurance that dreams do come true.

Real Life Fairytale Wedding in California

Shadi and Ramin met eight years ago on a hot summer day in Laguna Beach. She was caught off guard when she realized he knew everything about her. After a few months she realized that day, they did not just stumble upon one another. Ramin had been planning to meet her for quite some time. Both were interested in dentistry. He was a 3rd year at USC dental school and she was just accepted to UCLA's dental school. Even though they were attending rival schools their chemistry was just too strong and they began dating shortly after. An amazing job offer in Texas took Ramin away where they continued a long-distance relationship. Finally, on a Thursday rainy afternoon, her friend invited Shadi to join her for a late lunch at The Resort at Pelican Hill. When they arrived, her friend had taken her to a bungalow instead of the Resort's main entrance. She told Shadi to go ahead and walk in while she went to get a jacket from her trunk. Shadi knocked on the door and no one responded. Then she noticed the door was cracked open. As she slowly entered, she saw rose petals scattered everywhere. Butterflies began to swarm in her stomach. It was the moment she had been waiting for all her life and when Ramin popped the question all she managed was a nod of her head for YES! Instincts told them to marry at the special venue where they became engaged. Her biggest fear for their wedding was the weather. Rain is considered a very holy and pure omen in their Persian culture but in their case, they picked Pelican Hill for the beautiful outdoor ceremony lawn and it would have been devastating not to have been able to use it. The night before the wedding, Shadi stayed in the honeymoon suite. Praying for perfect weather and no surprise blemishes on her face the next morning. After taking a long bubble bath and a glass of wine she went straight to bed. When she opened her eyes and found herself in position she went to sleep in, she first ran her hand over her face to make sure she had no pimples. Check! Then ran to the window to look at the sky. She exclaimed, "it was the most beautiful morning with a slight breeze and crispiest air I had ever felt. At this point, I knew it was going to be the best day of my life. Even with all the emotions rolling through me IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT." The air was filled with romance and love. Every flower, every lighting, every detail was exactly how she imagined it to be. They danced for eight hours straight and the energy in the ballroom was contagious. They didn't even find time to sit at the beautiful sweetheart table. But when Shadi and Ramin asked each: "Was it everything you could possibly imagine?" They both answered: "No, much, much MORE."