Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium - seriously deserves a standing ovation for this work-of-art that occurred across the pond in the UK! Inspired by lavish wedding ideas in delft blue with white tulips, she pulled of some incredible design feats with All in One Seasons and Deborah Wedding Day Hire. An inverted canopy over the tablescape comprised of more than 3,000 white tulips, including their bulbs, and in four varieties being just one of the jaw dropping examples. If that isn't enough to leave you speechless, just wait until you see the THREE opulent cakes, cookies and cupcakes she masterfully crafted to compliment the scene. These lavish wedding ideas are ones we surely will never forget thanks to the stunning gallery of Fiona Kelly's images.

Lavish Wedding Ideas in Delft Blue

If you ever wondered if you can ever have to many florals - this clearly answers the question with a resounding "No!" Elizabeth is a woman of many talents, obviously. The entire concept of this styled shoot, her cakes and other delectables, right down the styling are hers to claim. And thanks to her - we are experiencing some serious "Tulip Fever" this season. Actually, the title came from a book by Deborah Moggach she read about 15 years go that is coming to the silver screen soon. It's a love triangle between a Dutch Nobleman, his wife and the artist commissioned to paint her portrait at the height of the Tulip flower boom in Holland. In those days, tulips were newly introduced to Holland and were traded as precious commodities and it has been reported that a single bulb of tulip went for nearly $400,000! A still of the movie, gave Elizabeth the idea of using Delft blue and white as her color palette - quintessentially Dutch. She even partnered with Dutch florist, Alice of All in One Season, who used four varieties of tulips in white which she sourced from British grower Smith and Munson. The vibe is clean, crisp and contemporary, but with an organic feel. The look was carried through to the stationery, napkins, cakes and even the clogs. The stand out elements include the tulip canopy, the matching delft blue and white stationery, and, of course - her beautiful hand painted cakes and cookies. The blue and white color scheme is striking and made for a wonderful combination that just so happens to be hot on trend this season.