Fall tends to bring on a different meaning for us at Strictly Weddings. While most are relishing in the cooler weather and changing leaves, our heads are spinning over the debut of this year's top trends for 2018 wedding dresses. Designer after designer revealed their new collections on the runways of New York during Bridal Fashion Week and Duke Photography was there exclusively for us to capture the hottest trends so that we could bring them straight to you, lovelies! With his unmatched skill and attention to detail, Duke Khodaverdian and his fabulous team brought their talent to eloquently tell the story and showcase the newest top trends for 2018 wedding dresses through his own visual beauty and masterful artwork behind the lens. As a luxury wedding photographer, he is renowned for shooting some of the most iconic weddings, inspiring bridal dreams year after year. His reputation in the industry transcends weddings onto fashion runways and had today's top bridal designers more than eager to earn their spot in his portfolio - of course, we couldn't be more thankful!

Top Trends for 2018 Wedding Dresses

From haute couture to the everyday bride, these seven designers encapsulate the essential features that we anticipate will be making a buzz this upcoming season. With Pronovias' sophisticated elegance the innovation in their designs is hard to miss. While Galia Lahav, one of the most anticipated shows of the week, reaffirmed their reign as a leading luxury designer with their extravagant and intricate styles. Morilee by Madeline Gardner, a fairytale godmother and recognizable force in the bridal world, continues to have her pulse on contemporary trends while ensuring that each of her designs transcends time in unforgettable fashion. Bringing her own unique stylistic vision to the forefront, is also Julie Vino whose distinctive combination of classic style with a modern touch lends itself beautifully to these notable and stylish features. And JLM Couture's designers, Hayley Paige, Lazaro and their newest addition - Allison Webb, have elevated the bar on romance. Each designer will certainly be capturing this year's attention of brides-to-be as they resoundly placed their own panache on these trends.

Top: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Left: Lazaro | Right: Pronovias

Modern Day Cinderella

Let's face it - this first one may not be a hot new trend, but more of a rebirth when it comes to that Cinderella-esque dream dress. These fairytale gowns would probably even give her some serious envy feels. After several seasons of seeing the bolder, sexier and oh-so-alluring designs brought to the US by Israeli designers - we are happy to say that the fuller, classic ball gown silhouette is making a comeback with a vengeance. From classic to modern day twists these showstoppers will once again ignite princess wedding dreams.

Left: Blush by Hayley Paige | Right: Allison Webb | Full: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Left: Hayley Paige | Right: Lazaro | Full: Pronovias | Left: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Right: Hayley Paige

Sleeves - Glorious Sleeves

Good news brides. Designers have heard you shouting from the rooftops on social media. We see it time and time again in our Facebook comments - and trust us with 5.6 million fans - we hear you! From: "Can this really be worn in a church?" to "I can't imagine wearing that as my dad walks me down the aisle." Maybe this comeback also gives a nod to Kate Middleton who made long-sleeves popular again. Everything from classic to dramatic, we can confidently say that the long-sleeved gown has been reinvented!

Left and Right: Pronovias | Full: Galia Lahav | Left and Right: Julie Vino | Left and Right: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Left and Right: Pronovias

The Color Crush

While brides have fully embraced the blushing beauty trend - still holding strong - this season designers have us drinking up champagne hues and painting fairytales in moody blues. And let's not forget how Lazaro ignited passion on the runway with his fiery, textured gown.

Full: Julie Vino | Left: Allison Webb | Right: Julie Vino | Left, Right and Bottom Full: Lazaro

Texture Trends

Whether in Guipure lace or soft flowing tulle, 3D floral is still blooming as brides have embraced this overly romantic look. Add to that a touch of off the shoulder femininity and voila - we're talking swoon-worthy. However, it isn't just about the 3D floral look. Feathers, textured prints and shiny fabrics will open up the possibility of bringing a whole lot of personality to your style.

Top Full: Galia Lahav | Left: Julie Vino | Right: Hayley Paige | Full: Lazaro | Left and Right: Pronovias | Left: Galia Lahav | Right: Allison Webb | Full: Lazaro | Left and Right: Galia Lahav | Left: Allison Webb | Right: Lazaro

Whose Says You Need a Veil

Capes and caplets were all the rage in 2017 and will continue to be uber hot, but another accessory debuted in the form of a bridal jacket. This look adds an element of drama and can eliminate the need for a bridal veil or substitute a train. They're a romantic addition to any gown and perfect for the bride who desires a little somethin'-somethin' to cover her arms. A whimsical alternative to a fully sleeved gown or high neckline. These are some of our absolute favorites from Allison Webb, Julie Vino, Pronovias and well - we couldn't help but sneak in a stunner from Elie Saab!

Top Full: Lazaro | Left and Right: Julie Vino | Full: Galia Lahav | Left and Right: Pronovias | Left: Allison Webb | Right: Elie Saab

Sultry Meets Ethereal Chic

We are not going to argue that the boho chic vibe remains strong from last season. But this year, brides will be embracing this look with a sultry alternative that comes in slinky fashion and wrapped ethereal glam. Basically, giving the boho chic look a heavy dose of glam and era-period vibe to the bridal scene.

Top Full: Galia Lahav | Left and Right: Julie Vino | Left: Galia Lahav | Right: Lazaro | Full: Galia Lahav | Right: Blush by Haley Paige | Right: Hayley Paige | Left: Hayley Paige | Right: Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Statement Makers

Some gowns just belong in a class all on their own. Yes, these certainly can fall into other trend topics - but we see them as the statement maker. The one that drops jaws and has your admirers turning heads over their boldness or even slightly dramatic flair. We used to say that these are for the untraditional bride, but with more and more brides seeking an alternative to the classic white option we can say that edgy is in.

Top Full: Hayley Paige | Left and Right: Morilee by Madeline Gardner | Left and Right: Pronovias | Bottom Full: Hayley Paige

This peek into Bridal Fashion Week is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for some designer exclusives and one super-secret-private sesh we had with Pnina Tornai with Duke Photography. Here's a hint - trust us - it is worth a click!