Recently, the urban city glamour of Pnina Tornai, exclusive designer for Kleinfeld Bridal, illuminated Central Park in an intoxicating and magnetic manner. In picturesque fashion, Duke Photography took the artistic beauty of her wedding dresses and interplayed it amongst the city's elegance and nature inspired elements to create a graceful and splendid story. This is the spirit of urban city glamour. The architectural details of Pnina's new Fragile collection remind us of the rich and sumptuous natural surroundings of Central Park with its sophisticated form and fascinating character. A celebration of style, beauty and expression with a touch of drama. Delicately, detailed designs born to have a feminine and romantic spirit. In partnership with Duke Photography, Strictly Weddings introduces four new designs from her newest couture collection that spark the promise of an eternal allure. The kind of Pinteresting wedding dresses that brides all over the world dream of wearing and that are found at Kleinfeld's.

Urban City Glamour of Pnina Tornai

We have no shame in confessing that we've watched countless rom-coms set in New York City. Finding ourselves more than once "oohing and aahing" at the anticipation of an unfolding romance. You know how sometimes you find something so good, so incredible, so exquisite that you just can't help but get goosebumps? That's exactly what occurred through our collaboration, a precious privilege, with the uber talented Duke Khodaverdian and Saira Mizra during New York Bridal Fashion Week at one of the most famous sightseeing spots in this addictive city. The designer du jour is dressing the glitterati of brides with opulence in every stitch whether it's her couture line or her LOVE by Pnina Tornai label. And brides who are power dressing for one of the most important days of their lives are flocking to Kleinfeld Bridal to find them. From her avant-garde and iconic styles to her most praised bling bling gowns, brides continually are heard giving that resounding "YES," with tears in their eyes over the dress that feels like it was designed just for them. After viewing these work-of art-images, we become increasingly more excited about the aisles these gowns will grace this coming year. Be sure to see the entire day in motion below with Richard Magazine.

Richard Magazine presents: Urban City Glamour of Pnina Tornai from Strictly Weddings on Vimeo.