While we have a solid reputation of being the go-to luxury wedding source, we also understand the bride on a budget. But, it does present a valid question. How do you draw inspiration and adjust certain design elements from what we showcase to something for a more budget friendly fairytale? These wedding decor pricing tips and tricks from a team of experts in British Columbia took on that challenge by breaking down different levels of details when it comes to planning a wedding day. With L'Estelle Photography behind the lens, Create Weddings and Events and Valley Weddings on planning and Bootah Jardin Wedding Flowers' master craft, they created two looks transforming Mann Farms into similar feels highlighting a rustic glam edge, each with a friendly yet different price tag.

Wedding Decor Pricing Tips and Tricks

As wedding vendors, this team of industry professionals realize that social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be both a bride's best friend and her worst enemy. Wedding inspiration boards quickly fill up with styled shoots and real weddings that have top of the line budgets and tend to lead to many of the season's wedding trends. In many instances, this isn't conveyed to the couples who are using these photos for decor or theme inspiration. When they end up take these ideas to their planner, decorator or florist they can feel very overwhelmed by the cost and frequently become let down. This is what inspired the concept of this editorial. Clearly illustrating how a bride can achieve the look they have in mind with consideration given to different budgets. Presenting a simpler version versus a more glammed up option and breaking down the cost for each. Look one is a more budget friendly version in which the florist used less expensive greenery and in a way that kept labor hours very limited as well. Cupcakes were also used in this look rather than a fully decorated wedding cake as in the second option. Look two is the higher end style in which more linens add to the texture and fullness of the overall décor design, as well as taking it up a notch with floral. Scroll through this beautiful gallery as each option itemizes the cost variance and explains just how to achieve these two looks - from the bride's style wearing top designer Pronovias in each look to the overall transformation of the Mann Farms venue.

The main color theme for each option blends the dramatic and organic beauty of a white, grey and gold palette adding in a rustic and glam overall feel at a Maan Farms barn venue.

Budget Comparison for Bridal Bouquet

Look 1: Bridal Bouquet: $140

¢ This bouquet used a budget-friendly base of white hydrangeas and standard roses, provide a lot of bulk at a lower price. Using hydrangeas can be the most economical way to get a large bouquet at a lower-end price.

Look 1: Bridal Bouquet: $225+

¢ This is a mix of some very high-end flowers and greens. Garden roses, ranunculus, anemones, orchids, and dusty miller all push the price up well past $200.

Budget Comparison for Tablescape Floral Design

Look 1: Tablescape Floral Decor

¢ Table Garland with Flower Inserts: $75 per table ($35 without flowers)

¢ Cut costs by using a less labor intensive method to assemble the garland. Here, the team simply laid long stems of Italian ruscus on the table and inserted cut flowers into the greens. No tying, no twine, and only one type of greenery (layering greenery for texture can get very costly). Instead of a larger centerpiece, we candles were used for height.

¢ Lantern: $35 (Flowers only)

Again, using budget-friendly flowers like roses, stock, tulips, etc.


Look 2: Tablescape Floral Decor

¢ Table Garland: $144 per table

¢ To create a more lush, draping garland, we used the more labour intensive method of tying smaller bunches of greenery to a piece of twine. In addition, we used multiple types of greenery to get a layered effect. The extra draping and pooling at the ends also adds up in cost.

¢ Large Centerpiece: $185

¢ A statement piece made of the same high-end flowers used in the bouquet.

¢ Hanging Hoops: $65 (for all three)

¢ Chair Greenery: $5 ($2.50 per chair)


Budget Comparison for Desserts and Cake

Look 1: Cupcake Tower

¢ Mini Cupcakes: $24-$30 per dozen | Regular Cupcakes: $48-$55 per dozen (more elaborate design can cost more)

Look 2: Custom Handmade Cake

¢ The 3 tier cake in this shoot is 6"-8"-10", and can feed about 80 people. The cost is $1000-$1200 depending on amount of variable/details, ie., size, servings, flowers, etc.

Budget Comparison for Stationary

¢ Place cards start at $1.00 based on black ink on white cardstock with a $0.25 increase per change. The place cards for that particular shoot would be $1.50.

¢ Lasercut signs start at $25 and is priced by size.

¢ The Mr. and Mrs. belong in the small category and is $25 each. Medium size starts at $50, large size starts at $75 and extra large starts at $100.

Budget Comparison for Jewelry and Accessories

The Borrowed Collection is based in Vancouver and offers bridal jewelry & accessories for rent. The rentals range from $40-$260 while the retail value of their collection ranges from $90-$1750.

¢ Look 1: Own: $1080 versus Rental: $207

¢ Look 2: Own: $1916 versus Rental: $426