Eeeek! We are days away from the Year of the Dog ringing in 2018's Chinese New Year on February 16. Good news for those that fall under this animal zodiac sign, it seems that the year of the Dog brings good luck fortune and LOVE. While that is super-fantastic news for you, we can't help but feel that we also are reveling in our good luck and fortune with a stop-you-in-your-tracks, dazzling two-part series from the magnificent Wendy Lee of Asian Fusion Weddings and Formosa Events. If you know Strictly Weddings at all, you know we are ALL about luxury, opulence and absolute talent. This is it, in spades. Pure perfection and in line with one of the Year of the Dog's lucky colors - green. In fact, this talented team including Jackie O Floral Events Affair and Nadia and Co. not only took on the hue to show the color's power, they also drew inspiration from used last year's color of the year, Greenery. The results are in this jaw dropping gallery that encapsulates the Yin and Yang concept and is the first in the series captured by Pepper and Light.

Year of the Dog Brings Good Luck Fortune and Love

This bold vision highlights Asian heritage, blending in East and West decor elements with high end designers. It features not only great design but those that could be used at any type of celebration or event. In addition to the inspiration found in Greenery, the other design element was to illustrate the Yin and Yang concept. This was artfully interpreted in the tablescape featuring a bold approach with the use of Bonsai trees. Translating into a more sophisticated masculine feel. The key for of Asian Fusion Weddings' designing, in any celebration she is a part of, is to maintain the color scheme by using a variety of textures keeping top of mind what the purpose of the event is all about. She infuses a couple's wishes into one creatively detailed and cohesive ambience, whether it be a gathering at home, an intimate affair or an extravagant wedding. What was designed here in this Year of the Dog brings good luck fortune and love editorial is that can be translated into other events such as a wedding, birthday party, anniversary dinner and more - not just the Lunar New Year dinner. Even the dog-gone stunning portraits that of course incorporate your furry four-legged friends! This is what makes the table design fabulous. Be sure to watch for the second in this series on the Lunar New Year this Friday and until then Gung Hay Fat Choy!