Rose gold hues, Morilee by Madeline Gardner wedding gown splendor and theme wedding statement details that give a wow impact. Be still our girly hearts. Kathryn Akomah-Mordi, Mordi Photographie, couldn't have captured our attention more than with her spin on a Masquerade wedding day. A theme that is all about the luxury afforded by royalty and the ever-fantasized to create mystery, romance and awe. From the beauty that Anastasia Strattan created for the bride's magnificent styling to the romantic Lonestar Lettering calligraphy and Sweet RiCreations reveals just how to pull together a dream-worthy idea for with theme wedding statement details that are not only memorable, but with a chic panache.

Theme Wedding Statement Details

The masquerade theme comes from sophisticated Venetian Balls which are never lacking in elaborate details and beauty. This historic tradition of Venice meant that guests not only came adorned from head to toe in elegant clothes and jewels, but also donning ornate masks to conceal their identity. While the masks were worn, social status and identity were irrelevant and all the guests were coequals. How fitting for a symbol of the bride and groom coming together as one, neither being greater than the other. Instead, they are elevated together. Through this editorial, this team of vendors ensured that the details reflected the special elevation a couple encounters in marriage. Everything from the dress and the cake to the romantic hues of rose gold and blush, had to advocate this ennobling occasion. One especially meaningful detail was the ascribed vows. These commitments "to have and to hold, to love and to cherish" beautifully composed and even framed, encourage and remind husbands and wives to always hold each other in high-esteem. Ultimately, these theme wedding statement details are not only extravagant, but also meaningful and emblematic for brides and grooms pursuing love-long love and adoration. One swoon-worthy and pinnable idea to cherish as planning your own theme wedding.

Venue: The Castle At Rockwall Bridal Boutique: Providence Place Bridal Floral Design: Kim's Creations Flowers Cakes & Desserts: Sweet RiCreations Hair and Makeup: Anastasia Strattan Calligraphy: Lonestar Lettering Masks: Coddsmz Bridal Shoes: Luxveer