Give us an all white chic modern day wedding with scores of today's top vendors out of California and color us happy. Super chic blended with contemporary ambience was the theme for this dynamic couple, Vicky and Edgar. We've never seen a wedding captured by the uber phenomenal Duke Photography we didn't love. So, it comes as no wonder that we add this to our growing list of trend setting days. And you better believe that Fancy That! Events had these nupitals perfectly planned the day of with no hiccups from start to finish. If over the top gorgeous floral is a must at your wedding than this beauty will have you looking no further than Eddie Zaratsian undeniable talent. Whisk away to the Hilton LA North Glendale for a virtual escape that will leave you California dreaming.

All White Chic Modern Day Wedding

Vicky and Edgar didn't meet under the best of circumstances, but this may have been what also had their souls reaching out to one another. A chance meeting that occurred due to the passing of Edgar's grandmother. Vicky was drawn to Edgar's humbleness, heart-warming smile while he was mesmerized by her modesty, green eyes and beauty. Those who are witnesses to their love story say that was the night that love at first sight occurred all according to "God's plan." The force and connection was magnetic. Edgar to this day says, "I knew that the second I walked through those doors my life was going to change. I knew you were the one I was going to marry." A day after his proposal, they set the date for our wedding - leaving them 6-months to plan. They began with outlining an extensive checklist, discussed endless details and agreed on deadlines. Securing a venue for 370 guests, with a big dance floor and one that would be easy to transform into their vision of an all white chic modern day wedding was the most difficult with many venues booked in advance - until they identified the Hilton in Glendale. The transformation leaves us breathless. The venue was covered in classic white drapes, white tile floorings, luscious white roses and cherry blossoms, candles and mirrors and a flower wall of endless white roses. Everyone that was part of their planning contributed to creating a dreamy, "fancy-that" elegant wedding with all the white elements. Insane beauty at its best.