Get ready to be stunned, as this designer feature is vibrating with a powerful message. Haute couture designer Pnina Tornai rocks bridal fashion world with love, strength, imagination and romance. The debut of her 2019 LOVE collection is more than exciting. It is deeply personal and emotional. Inspired by the female empowerment movement, the new collection and ad campaign takes us on a formidable journey. Feeling empowered by society, Pnina Tornai designed 25 new captivating styles reflecting today's modern and independent woman. "After all, strong does not mean tough - but, depicts strength in the journey of love, which is symbolic of marriage," explains Pnina. And when we say, Pnina Tornai rocks bridal fashion world with love - we also mean it deserves a standing ovation. We gave this gallery our own encore performance going over and over every image and detail with sheer enthusiasm.

Pnina Tornai Rocks Bridal Fashion World with Love

Much like the genre of rock music, the ideology is very romantic which means it is a praise of imagination, emotion and fantasy. Who better than to take on this chic aptitude? As an exclusive designer at Kleinfeld Bridal and leading international bridal and evening wear designer, she has been setting trends since she began making wedding dresses in 1992. She is globally renowned, brought in to the spotlight in the U.S. as a star of TLC's highly successful show, "Say Yes To The Dress" that airs in over 145 countries worldwide. So, it comes as no surprise to us, that Pnina Tornai aligns her brand with a reflection on the human condition from the outside with her fierce passion in today's modern world. The campaign images, display the juxtaposition of soft wedding dresses in a rugged setting meant to depict that beauty and strength coexist and that women can be whoever they want to be. As she says, "Duality is our reality, after all."

In Pnina Tornai's own words about this powerful LOVE by Pnina Tornai ad campaign and 2019 Collection:

The things I've been through, all I experienced, the sights I've seen¦

All the women I met.

They shaped me.

There was a time when I only tried to behave in a certain way, like a woman.

Gentle, soft, a work of art, sculptured to perfection.

Can I be pretty?

I was afraid I drew too much attention, that it was my fault.

I used to look for protection in my environment until I realized protection is in me.

Designing gave me satisfaction, control. Creating gave me courage, piece by piece.

Throughout time, objectification of our bodies has been normalized.

Do not trade any parts of you to make your dream happen. There are so many other ways¦

Dreams know their paths.

I am pretty my way. I am my own master, and I will treat me right.

I can say NO, no is a good word when it stands by me. YES, only if I approve.

I can be pretty, I can be sexy, gentle, brave, strong¦ I can draw attention.

I'm never too much, and I'm always enough.

We are all worthy, we are all free, all we need is love.