If you have an ounce of the same obsession as this gorgeous Romeo Bastone Couture bride does with the 1920's, you are going to want to look no further than her swing party and bridal portrait sesh. Her vintage Hollywood inspired Australian wedding is pure Great Gatsby glam and fun to the hilt. Two Tree Hill has just the pics to prove. For a couple, all about personality and creativity, their day was clearly not a cookie-cutter soiree. Right down to the bride's bespoke gown, hand crafted wooden flowers from California's The SunnyBee Bride to their photo session in Luna Park Melbourne. Who wouldn't want to jump in front of fun house mirrors, eat cotton candy, play some carnival games and pose gangster style with their bridal party for some exceptional memories?

Vintage Hollywood Inspired Australian Wedding

With Leah's slight fixation of the 1920's she had Brendon share in date night watching the iconic film, "The Great Gatsby." Half way through, he exclaimed: "I really like this movie, surprisingly." Leah's response? "Good, that's what our wedding is going to be!" And so, it was settled. An era-themed day with black and gold colors and a hint of navy and coral. Adding a touch of "old school" New York checker cabs. Because, why not? No one would believe Leah when she prepped friends and family about her planned transportation for the day. But, before that was the selection of her bridal style. Leah, is a self-proclaimed - "fussiest person alive." She knows what she wants, how she wants and because of this never finds exactly what to wear because it is not yet in fashion. Cue the fabulous bespoke designer, Josephine Bastone of Romeo Bastone Couture and her amazing talent to identify with a bride and listen to her vision then create something so above what the bride dreamed of on her wedding day. For Leah, this was a high neck, slight mermaid silhouette stellar gown. She showed Josephine ten different images that she wanted all blended into one look. Leaving Josphine to do what she does best, that is exactly what was delivered to her bride. She then paired her custom show stopper with some custom designed orange bridal shoes. With an orange base, lace overlay with rose gold and bows on the back. Her bridal style set the tone for her perfectly planned Great Gatsby day and then more!