This season the charisma of the Mediterranean inspired Eddy K wedding dress Dreams collection for their 2019 designs. Does this come as a surprise? Frankly, for this bridal designer - no. The Mediterranean woman is a "donna vera," passionate and self-confident. She's a woman that is not afraid of showing her feelings and her style is full of contrasts as is her personality. Sensual, yet austere. Timeless and at the same time very modern. As are the versatile dress styles found in this season's Mediterranean inspired Eddy K wedding dress Dreams collection. These utter show stoppers convey the beauty and the culture of the region from the soft hues of land to the intricate details and texture blends of the architecture. Blend that with an ad campaign that showcases sailing through the cerulean blue sea - and wow! Just wow.

Mediterranean Inspired Eddy K Wedding Dress Dreams Collection

The Mediterranean inspired Eddy K wedding dress Dreams collection hits on trends that are consistently renewed as the designer drew upon ideas from the region's natural light sea. Emphasizing the romantic essence of the Mediterranean for the bride-to-be through varying silhouettes, volume and offering a very feminine appeal. It's a collection of seduction for us that not only evokes a sophisticated look, chic vibe, but a tangible energy. There is no shortage of bridal eye candy in this assortment of styles with its artistic motivation that exudes the soft interplay against the drama Eddy K is known for in their Dreams collection. Italian designer Eddy K dares every bride to dream of their perfect wedding dress. Travel is probably the single-most acknowledged inspiration for fashion designers, many of whom take abstract - and sometimes very literal - cues from artists, architecture, uniforms and even vintage clothing that they discover during their trips. By sailing through the Mediterranean, Eddy K found his muse. The delicate fabric, enchanting beading and lovely lace certainly take center stage inside this designer's new Dreams adventure and its remarkable beauty. One that transports you to an awe-inspiring voyage - your new chapter as a Mrs. - by finding your gown from the Mediterranean inspired Eddy K wedding dress Dreams Collection.