We officially declare 2018 the year of the woman and the revival of femininity. If bridal designers like Paloma Blanca have anything to say about it - and believe us they do - we can see that this is a paramount theme. Coming off the heels of a successful bridal market season and the debut of their 2018 Fall collection, we can confidently say that the new romantic feminine wedding dresses of Paloma Blanca are going be create a buzz in the industry. We more than welcome how this designer continually embraces the modest bride, as there is a slight shift from the avant-garde that trended the last few years. Though, Paloma Blanca remains innovative in their design techniques, playing with textures that add dimension for a smooth and delicate combination and working with materials that exude a soft ethereal aesthetic. Overall, giving a bride that dare we say again - classic and timeless - but above all feminine feel.

New Romantic Feminine Wedding Dresses of Paloma Blanca

Femininity will look different for each bride, as we all have our uniqueness and individually and how it is conveyed in our personal style. This is why the broad range of gown styles that Paloma Blanca offers is so alluring. Whether you're a princess bride or looking for something sleeker, the right fit and silhouette can be found in their collections. Bringing beauty, wonder, awe and delight these new romantic feminine wedding dresses of Paloma Blanca are the perfect selection for how you want to express your individuality and convey your personal style. French Alencon lace won this designer's heart this season. This lace embodies femininity without losing the shape of Paloma Blanca's signature silhouettes, Styles 4806 and 4813 are perfect examples. Chantilly lace, soft organza and Italian tulle also adorn some of the new collection's creations which exemplify a soft and romantic feel to each design like Styles 4815 and 4816. Removable accents have also proven to be a top trend this season, providing flexibility and a slightly different look throughout the day. Get ready to celebrate the new romantic feminine wedding dresses of Paloma Blanca with this full gallery, we have been since the first sneak peek!