Here at Strictly Weddings, we truly take pride in having become the global go-to luxury wedding source and being credited as the authority on bridal designers. It is our passion to scour the bridal fashion world for new designers and discovering those who deserve to hit international status. Which leads us to today's look at Austrian high fashion wedding designers and a glimpse at eight outstanding couture designers' never been seen 2019 styles. Timo Bolte Floral Design brings us the beauty from across the Atlantic straight into Austria's capital, Vienna. Showcasing his design talent with stunning bouquets in this editorial, Timo Bolte, who worked as the chief florist at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Vienna, has become an international cultural-creative and is a self-proclaimed lover of flowers and plants. Partnering with Stefan Gschwentner-Bolte on this high fashion shoot they beautifully feature the Belvedere Palace Vienna and Palais Liechtenstein. Unfamiliar with the location? That's just one more reason to escape with us into this stunning fine art gallery with Tony Gigov behind the lens!

Austrian High Fashion Wedding Designers

For over 300 years, the Garden Palace and the City Palace of the princely family of Liechtenstein have been deeply rooted in Vienna's history. Both palaces are still privately owned by the princely family and are the most popular wedding venues in Vienna today - including a top draw for destination weddings. The Liechtenstein City Palace, situated in Vienna ´s inner city, has been renovated for almost five years and appears now in all its former glory. It is herald to be the first major building of the High Baroque age. Vienna may seem the perennial underdog to the couture juggernauts Milan and Paris, but it certainly doesn't lack in flair. Countless young, exciting designers are pioneering unique and forward-thinking concepts worth keeping an eye on. It isn't just about discovering the new pioneers as there are many seasoned designers that fill the area's industry. These gorgeous Austrian high fashion wedding designers featured in this stunner include Lena Hoschek, Eva Poleschinski, Tiberius, Emanuel Burger, Silvia Schneider, Nikola Fechter, Juergen Christian Hoerl and Anelia Peschev.