Dear Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium and The New Wonderful, we're officially declaring our love for this soft modern romance wedding inspiration and its ethereal elegance. With cascading dream like floral of Amie Bone Flowers, lovely beauty of Botias Tailored Hair and Makeup and mesmerizing lettering of JB Calligraphy, this editorial has us falling in love with the passionate story told through the lens of Sanshine Photography. This treasure gives us pause, reminiscent of the romantic gesture and strong words a simple handwritten love letter can evoke. Pure romance that will make you weak in the knees due to its endless, soft modern romance wedding inspiration overload.

Soft Modern Romance Wedding Inspiration

The true inspiration for this shoot is a story about a house of female scribes. Those who were responsible for copying the works of authors by hand. Manuscripts were for the most part written on parchment or vellum and were used before the invention of printing presses, which meant that they were time consuming and very expensive to make. As very important aspects of medieval society they represented major religious, social, and artistic beliefs of the period. Because manuscripts were very expensive to make, they often served as status symbols. Elizabeth imagined a beautiful scribe on her wedding day surrounded by scrolls and ancient scripts writing a letter to her true love as she leaves the House of Scribes for the last time. As the pen and quill touches the paper and the ink starts to flow, the harmony of gold ink on parchment transforms into a ballet of beautiful letter strokes. Not only does Elizabeth have the vision behind this soft modern romance wedding inspiration, but she created a collection of white and gold calligraphy inspired cakes including an all gold dessert table. The tall and elegantly proportioned 'torn paper' main cake featured hand written edible wafer paper and the beautiful antique frame cake was in her signature baroque style. We are fairly certain this would even give Shakespeare pause.