The question after reading about this couple's storybook engagement, is how do you follow up an epic proposal with an equally magical wedding!? As you will see in this stunning gallery, Michael Bennett Kress Photography has the answers. To quickly sum it up, you are about to lay eyes on one glamorous luxury Washington DC wedding at The Willard InterContinental Hotel. It purely blossoms in shades of pale pink and white with golden accents. This ballroom wonderland is more than breathtaking, it rendered us speechless and we couldn't wait to share it with our lovelies. Every detail came with a lush floral touch of Da Vince Florist - even the DJ booth that was draped with cascading crystal curtains. Sara Muchnick Events clearly had every moment planned to perfection and execution was on point from the moment Gabriella stepped out in her Berta gown to the second Ehud took over spinning vinyl for the guests. But, really, we have to tell the story behind this fabulous couple's glamorous luxury Washington DC wedding beginning with the proposal!

Glamorous Luxury Washington DC Wedding

Let's dial it back to February 2017 with the premier of "Beauty and the Beast." You remember, the much-anticipated musical adaptation of Disney's hit starring Emma Watson? On the sly, Ehud convinced Gabriella that they would be attending a private showing at their local theater in Bethesda, Maryland. Friends and family were secretly seated in the back section to go unnoticed by his then girlfriend. Of course, the movie clip begins with a request to silence cell phones and opens to a scene as if the actual movie was about to begin. However, when the Beast roars, "show me the girl" - instead of Emma Watson, Gabriella is featured on the silver screen. Cue the swooning¦ The movie continued with three minutes of scenes featuring highlights of the couple's two-year courtship. Nearing the end, Ehud was on bended knee surrounded by the lavish castle ballroom asking Gabriella to marry him - actually done through a green screen scene thanks to Suburban Video behind blockbuster proposal. Simultaneously, Ehud was on bended knee with an engagement ring designed with a diamond belonging to Gabriella's grandmother who had passed. Seriously, is this even real life!? In true happily ever after form, they followed up their storybook proposal with a fairytale glamorous luxury Washington DC wedding as seen here!