Even on a rainy day, Paris is a good idea. It's not the first time (or the last) that you will be reading that statement from us. Being romantics at heart, how could we not fall for the city of love - besides rain is a sign of good luck. When you deliver elegant Parisian bridal portraits showcasing the Louvre for a real couple's destination wedding is gives us reason to say "Je t'aime!" But, let's be honest, rain on the day of Parisian bridal portrait session may not be ideal. Alicia Yarrish Photography didn't worry though as even a plan B is beautiful which you see here. Rainy day adventures in the streets of Paris along with intimate shoots under the vast column archways of Louvre are magical and, more over, authentic romance. Which this lovely gallery clearly portrays - as this couple married just a few days later with her in a Aneberry gown and Bella Belle shoes.

Elegant Parisian Bridal Portraits

Simplistic elegance was at the forefront of these elegant Parisian bridal portraits. Allowing for the city's appeal and the couple's adoration speak for themselves. Which they do in spades. Le Jardin d'Audrey created a soft pastel pink bouquet to add a dash of color. These stunning images are the ultimate expression of authentic, romantic love. The perfect beginning to a life of adventure with the one you love. To us they scream, "Darling¦ marry me in Paris!" Those words can make any romantic heart swoon. You may ask yourself why do a bridal shoot. If you think about it when you are planning your wedding, you work with a hundred different puzzle pieces and have to wait until the day of the wedding to see how they perfectly fit together. The same is true with your wedding day style. You have the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the hair and the makeup but why wait until the day of the wedding to see how they all come together? Scheduling a bridal portrait shoot with your photographer gives you the opportunity to see exactly how you'll look and allows you the opportunity to make desired changes prior to the big day. A bridal portrait shoot is a win-win situation for both you and your photographer. Your photographer learns which poses work best for you and what techniques to use to get the best quality pictures. The days of sitting in front of a colored backdrop and posing with your hand strategically under your chin are over as these elegant Parisian bridal portraits display. Time to get creative brides-to-be!