Most of the time brides begin planning their wedding by thinking of the venue, flowers or start by envisioning what their dream dress is going to look like as the go down the aisle. But, if you really think about what can make or break your wedding day - it really can come down to the reception's entertainment. There isn't a bride out there who doesn't want her friends and family partying on the dance floor long into the night. To wake up gushing about "how much fun they had." This right here is a sensational blueprint on how to have live entertainment match your wedding theme. Our friends at the UK's largest live entertainment agency, Alive Network, are experts at creating awe-inspiring wedding atmospheres. They've handpicked some entertainment inspiration for your biggest of days - all you need to do is go with your heart, choose a style, and let it speak for itself. Genius!

Live Entertainment Match Your Wedding Theme

If you're planning a fun, music-filled wedding day, chances are you'll want your entertainment to create a particular feeling. Perhaps you'd love an artist who plays the music from your favorite film, or that reminds you of your first gig together? Whether you go with your own individual style or choose a wedding theme, the perfect entertainment can provide instant atmosphere - from classic sophistication, to vibrant vintage, to festival boho chic, or an eclectic mix that's uniquely you. Get ready to dive into a fabulous line up that will become the ultimate guide for how to have live entertainment match your wedding theme. Breaking it down into the most simplistic ways whether an outdoor boho bride or a fairytale ballroom princess. The expert professionals at, Alive Network cover the rustic loving couple, vintage or trending retro bride, the free-spirited couple straight to the Cinderella dream.

Relaxed and Rustic

Whether laid back or foot-stomping, live acoustic music is the order of the day for you rustic-loving couples. There's nothing more warm, romantic and intimate than a classical or acoustic guitar at your wedding ceremony¦it's naturally beautiful and not too 'try hard', just like you. Maybe up the ante with an acoustic duo or trio, or even a roaming band during your drinks reception too. A pop-up cocktail bar will get the celebrations flowing, with a bespoke menu, craft ales, and drinks named after the newlyweds - bottoms up! Mix-and-mingle entertainers will break the ice during your reception and wedding breakfast. Caricaturists are a great option to delight your guests and offer a hand-drawn take-home memento too. For your evening party, go full Mumford and Sons style with an amped-up indie-folk or ceilidh band¦ think banjos, flat caps, braces and rustic vibes that you can't help but dance to!

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Vintage and Retro

Your vintage big day is era-inspired and uber-cool, and tailor made for live entertainment. In fact, we've never witnessed a vintage wedding where the retro vibe hasn't been enhanced by some well-chosen live music or entertainment. Once you've decided on your era - Gatsby glamour, flirty 1940's, fifties rock n roll or simply modern-retro - the entertainment will simply fall into place! The timeless sounds of a pianist and vintage singer can elevate your ceremony into something super-romantic. Mingle at your reception with some stunning background vintage vibes while your artisan barkeep pours the gin, keeping the conversation flowing and the prohibition at bay. Dine like you're a New York socialite, with a swinging jazz band to accompany your wedding breakfast, and then switch from smooth to swinging with a modern-vintage band or a finger-clicking Rat Pack big band, to ensure your dance floor's jumping. Or, go for a lindy-hopping jump, jive and skiffle band, to really raise the roof!

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Boho and Festival

For your boho and festival wedding, think effortless style that's bursting with color, reminiscent of your favorite summer festivals. Design your own wedfest around authentic live music - it's VIP, access-all-areas, and you can even turn your big day into your big weekender to maximize the merry-making! Think acoustic ceremony music, a quirky brass fusion ensemble to mark your I dos as your VW camper van cocktail bar shakes up some liquid sunshine for your drinks reception, stilt walkers and circus performers wowing your crowds, a headlining evening reception party band, followed by a fire pit and after-party DJ so you can throw shapes and roast marshmallows deep into the night.

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Fairytale and Romantic

This is the magical day you've been dreaming of forever¦ so think big, breathtaking and utterly beautiful. Your fairytale entertainment begins with a harpist or classical singer accompanying you as you float up that aisle to your real life Prince Charming. A gospel choir ring in the jubilant mood at your drinks reception (well, if it's good enough for Harry and Meghan¦), while a silhouette artist provides personal treasures. Ballerinas and surprise singing waiters complement your dessert with a jaw-dropping 'wow', followed by a glamorous jazz orchestra. And your big finale? A stunning firework display to mark the start of your happily ever after. This is how Cinderella did it. (Probably.)

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Country Garden

Pass the Pimm's! Your country garden wedding is fresh and full of charm, and so is your entertainment. Think classical guitarists for your ceremony, for that soft, romantic, unplugged sound. Opt for a sparkling jazz quartet, to accompany your celebratory drinks, while a vintage ice-cream cart keeps everyone cool, as you play lawn games in the sun. During your wedding breakfast, a string quartet could serenade you with classical takes on your favourite modern tracks and film themes. Evening party in a marquee bedecked with twinkling fairy lights, anyone? Dance the night away with a killer party band playing your most beloved tunes, and a DJ with a catalogue of your tunes at their fingertips.

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Classic and Elegant

A classic wedding is always in style and filled with glamorous luxe and personal touches. Your timeless-meets-contemporary feel means you can go traditional with a modern twist - think a ceremony string quartet playing your favorite club tracks¦ or how about Game of Thrones on harp for your drinks reception¦ your guests will be amazed! A close-up magician can add sparkle and wonder to your drinks reception, and for that touch of Celtic elegance, a bagpiper could pipe you in at your wedding breakfast, raising a toast to the happy couple. Sláinte! (Cheers!) In the evening, the mighty photobooth will provide hours of crazy fun plus awesome keepsakes for you and your guests to enjoy. Your wedding entertainment crescendo, courtesy of your premier party band, can be your spine-tingling first dance followed by The Party Of Your Lives. Hands in the air to that!

Photographer: Andrew Billington Photography

Whatever your style, finding your entertainment match will help you to make the most of every perfect moment on your big day!

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