An all-white décor wedding day with a classic chic Enzoani bride is our kind of sizzle. This stunner captured by Rene Zadori Photography is out to prove that sometimes the sleekest, swankiest wedding involves no color at all. Instead Roubik Party Planning and Blue Iris Florals take the white basics, highlighted by gold metallic and reinvent them into something truly special. The results? A jaw dropping classic chic Enzoani bride that will likely find you at Karoza Bridal or a retailer near you paired with her equally stylish groom in Roberto Cavalli. It's a gorgeous California soiree with fine details that are just too good to miss. And it all unfolds at the Castaway in Burbank, a provocative and exciting restaurant, special event property all under one roof. High on energy, packed with luxurious and steal-worthy ideas this prettiness is bound to found on those wedding planning boards for years to come. As we are seeing more and more brides ignore that old rule of all white dresses for bridesmaids (although Anna chose blushing ones for her tribe), paired with monochromatic décor details. Today's classically chic Enzoani bride and her all white wedding day is as timeless and beautiful they come.

Classically Chic Enzoani Bride

The first thing that Anna our classically chic Enzoani bride did is hire a coordinator for her wedding. She has the best advice for brides-to-be exclaiming to think again if you are considering going it alone. "Your time is very valuable and you don't want extra stress, you should enjoy wedding planning. With a coordinator that is possible because they come with experience." Hear! Hear! Anna and Aria who met through mutual friends are not only one truly stylish couple they clearly found are each other's soulmate. Reflecting their love for one another in each gaze toward one another. Anna's favorite memory of the day boiled down to her walk down the aisle toward Aria. Always hearing about how magical the moment would be, she truly experienced it on her own day. While it took a year to plan her big day, Aria never regrets a moment. As for this classically chic Enzoani bride every memory - every frame Rene captured - brings back the truly magical feeling she and Aria shared with their families and friends celebrating their special love.