With the passage of time, the vibrant colors of summer signal the warm, leafy palette of fall that then give way to the cool blues of winter. Alongside these changes in nature come changes in fashion and cosmetics. People dress for the season not only to keep warm or cool, but to match the spirit of the moment. This year's fall winter wedding color trends are full of expression, but also provide some fabulous hues that are perfect for a creating a foundation to an overall scheme. Looking at these core shades as fall winter wedding color trends, we see various pairings that are going to come into play. Much like Ultra Violet, Pantone's striking colors of Red Pear, Russet Orange and Quetzal Green for fall/winter highlight a creative balance to the comforting classics of Sargasso Sea, Quiet Gray and even Meerkat. These Autumnal hues evoke the feeling of leaves on the forest floor, rich plumage and twilight reveal a modern fall palette of deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprise.

Fall Winter Wedding Color Trends

While there is no "typical" anymore when it comes to fall winter wedding color trends, there remains a need for structure and foundation in fashion and decor. Below we focus on three of the five core colors. These can easily transition across the seasons and are more crucial than ever. As 'trends' stay relevant longer, when adding a variety through new textures, fabrics and beautiful combinations. Consider Sargasso Sea, Quiet Gray and Meerkat as the shades that will serve as the critical building blocks for your planning your wedding day. While Red Pear, Russet Orange and Quetzal Green complement the foundation by adding that unexpected pop to a color palette. These are shades of self-expressive and reinvent the seasonal color story. Allowing for the artistry and originality that moves fall winter wedding color trends forward. Combining classicism with colorful expression underscores our own passion about the changing seasons. Dive into these color statements for 2018.

Credits: The Blooming Gypsy | Pinterest | Jose Villa

Red Pear

Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.

Quiet Gray

Unobtrusive and timeless soft gray.

Quetzal Green
A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.
Russet Orange
This forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth.
A highly adaptable toasty burnished brown.
Sargasso Sea
Boundless and fathomless blue mooring the palette.