Raise a glass ladies because we are serving up some seriously tasteful inspiration with this penthouse level cocktail chic bridal shower sesh. It's signature cocktail perfection mixed and shaken with an incredible culinary experience high above the city skyline at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. A quick heads up. You're going to want to book mark this soiree as it also comes with a sip-worthy little checklist for all your bridal shower essentials taking a cue from the ingredients served here. Lemiga Events did a fine job of blending elevated taste with treasured friendships while Utopian Events and From Sir With Love - who incidentally check off items number one and two on the bridal shower essential list. Milanes Photography captures this fashionable penthouse level cocktail chic bridal shower scene leaving us wanting to be part of this particular tribe.

Penthouse Level Cocktail Chic Bridal Shower

A bride who defines her style with vogueish sophistication will no doubt adore being treated by her favorite ladies to a penthouse level cocktail chic bridal shower high above the city skyline. This pretty little soiree has guests helping the bride choose her signature cocktail with a custom tasting. Then allows those same besties to leave their well wishes on mad lib cocktail coasters for the bride to enjoy later. A creative sushi bowl station invites each guest to create her own artful meal, before diving into a decadent dessert. To end the evening on a special note, every guest leaves with their own custom engraved acrylic box filled with rose petals. It's a memento that leaves plenty of room for treasured memories from this special time. So what's the down and dirty 1-10 tips for a chic bridal shower? Let's dive in.

  1. Theme + Decor

First and foremost, to get the planning started, you need a style. When deciding on a theme, it should reflect the bride-to-be and her personal passions and preferences. Does she love all things French? How about a chic Parisian tea party? Do we have a brunch lovin' babe? Pour those mimosas and let bright colors inspire you! If the evening hour is her time of day and easier to coordinate around busy daytime schedules think about a accommodating to a cocktails and nosh fete.

  1. Invitations

With the theme decided, share that style via your invites for all the lucky ladies in attendance.

  1. Food

Let the theme continue to inspire your planning - even with the cuisine. Is it a sit down meal or are apps enough? What are the bride-to-be's favorite bites? Always plan for a bit more food than you think you'll need - unwrapping gifts makes all ladies hungry!

  1. Drinks

While it's obvious to plan for cocktails and boozy beverages, make sure to also provide non-alcoholic liquids for those who may not want to imbibe ¦and for when you need to rehydrate and refresh.

  1. Favors

We've seen the gamut here from some odd favors in the past and we've seen some super cute ones. The winners? The ones that remind you of the fun afternoon you had toasting your girlfriend. Those that stick with a theme and are often an item that can be continued to be used well after the fete - or a tasty treat that was quickly devoured!

  1. Games

While some games can lean more on the side of awkward and uncomfortable, we're fans of some sort of activity for guests to partake it when they aren't eating or watching the lady of the hour unwrap presents. You can't go wrong with simple, sweet games that still center on the theme. Example: For a foodie shower, guessing different spices by scent alone.

  1. Designated Spot for Gifts

It's the day of and you're setting everything up - don't forget that all so important spot for gifts! And remember, many registry items are LARGE so make sure this space can accommodate!

  1. Coat Check + Handbag Hot Spot

With all the ladies arriving anytime, there's one other area to prep. Because these ladies aren't arriving alone - in addition to the gorgeous gifts, they'll be toting their own handbags and maybe even coats, umbrellas and boots - don't' let these items ruin your decor - have a spot specially designated to keep all possible outerwear out of the way.

  1. Picture Perfect Spot

It's time to pop the bottles and enjoy! Scope out some great spots for pics that avoid any backlighting or distractions so that your BFF can ensure some high quality photos to remember all the fun.

  1. Hashtag

And along those lines¦ with everyone snapping cute shots, sharing and posting, it's not too early to give that wedding hashtag a little practice. Or tweak it a bit and use it just for the bride's shower and bachelorette!

Photographer: Milanes Photography Event Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Invitation Designer: From Sir With Love Linens and Coverings: I Do Linens Apparel: Rent the Runway Beauty: Scoobie West & Company Floral Designer: Utopian Events Event Planner: Lemiga Events