New York Bridal Fashion Week is by far our favorite time of year. Not only do we get to bask in the reveals of bridal designers' new collections, but it gives us the pleasure of partnering with leading wedding fashion photographer Duke Images and one of the nation's top bridal boutiques, Kleinfeld Bridal. This year, we were inspired by creating a picture-perfect juxtaposition. Contrasting uptown sophisticate Eve of Milady bridal gowns to Lower Manhattan's trendy revitalized community, widely known as SoHo. Taking to the cobble stone streets and in front of the decorative facades of SoHo's industrial buildings, it becomes the flawless background to showcase the effortlessly quintessential bridal style of Eve of Milady. Found at Kleinfeld Bridal, this designer's aesthetic is the impeccable harmony of ornate textures, supple fabrics and savvy cuts. All characterized by her lavish richly decorated details. She has a flair for the spectacular.

Uptown Sophisticate Eve of Milady Bridal

Within our portrayal of the uptown sophisticate Eve of Milady bridal gowns, we put the spotlight on three exceptional wedding dresses. Each style portrays the rich variety in her designs and the gracefulness of Eve of Milady's daring creations in her Boutique line. From her femme floral appliques infused with subtle color to her fluid silhouettes, her gowns evoke an infinitely romantic feel that gives her brides more dimension and visual appeal as they move. Interplaying Eve of Milady's styles 1610, 1623 and 1561 amongst the trendy SoHo area of New York, highlights the ease and spirit of this designer's appeal for today's bride. Modern, yet classical - without losing a bride's contemporary identity by fusing the fact that the young bride is playful in nature while not compromising a quintessential bridal style. As it should be on your wedding day. By now the name SoHo is commonly known and used as an adjective on its own. Used to describe an aesthetic or a lifestyle that is glamorous and hip with a dash of edge mixed in, as in SoHo chic. As the revitalization of SoHo, so is the uptown sophisticate Eve of Milady bringing back bridal roots while still signifying a more fashion-forward appeal. This year, we are not just fortunate to have this editorial with Duke Images and Kleinfeld Bridal, but a three-part series. Stay tuned for our next exclusive feature and the surprise we have for you there. If you missed our previous annual editorials with the impeccable visual storyteller Duke Images, be sure to rediscover our fashionable features redefining Industrial Glam and Urban City Glamour.

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Bridal Retailer: Kleinfeld Bridal Headpieces: Maria Elena Headpieces Makeup: Irene O'Brien