Love is in the air! Can you feel it? As the holidays approach, it's that wondrous time of year when more big questions are answered with one simple word: YES! Today's socially conscientious couples are falling for the ethical and conflict free rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry. As a socially and environmentally responsible ring designer, she blends modern designs with a vintage appeal that are wickedly gorgeous and available in an utterly dazzling array of colors. We're talking conflict-free diamonds, sapphires, Moissanites, and lab-grown gems. Think juicy peach hues, shades of grey, your something blues and - of course - sparkling white beauties that are all conversation starters. Not to mention, prime candidates for that ring selfie after the question is popped and long after. Each piece she designs are by her U.S. based team of metalsmiths, using traditional metalsmithing techniques complemented by the hippest technology in the industry shipping worldwide. Using only recycled metals, recycled golds or platinum, the ethical and conflict free rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry are making a brilliant statement. They not only ship all over the world, but designs are offered in various shapes, sizes and metals. Get ready to dive into one shiny gallery featuring our most favorite gems.

Ethical and Conflict Free Rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Kristin Coffin Jewelry is known for not following trends. Rather, this designer crafts pieces that are sustainable and versatile. Her design technique is rooted in originality that have a connection to the environment and community. The ethical and conflict free rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry form a unique relationship between the earth's designs, its resources and its inhabitants. It does not get much better than that for those ringing in socially good decisions when it comes to lifestyle choices. In Kristin Coffin Jewelry's quest to offer a truly environmentally-friendly and ethical alternative to mined diamonds, they offer lab-grown diamonds. Not familiar? These diamonds are grown in laboratories that recreate the same environment that causes diamonds to form in the earth. Kristin says, "Sounds simple, but it's taken decades of trial and error to grow diamonds that have the exact same molecular composition and optical properties of a mined diamond. Even highly trained gemologists are unable to tell the difference!" The result? A lab-grown diamond leaves renders the questions about origin out, including its impact on human and carbon footprint. They old saying of "diamonds are a girl's best friend," really does not ring as true these days as more couples choose to say yes with ethical and conflict free rings. And, we are more than okay with that - thanks to the gorgeous options that can be found within Kristin Coffin Jewelry's sparklers.

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