This engagement season, one thing rings true for the socially conscientious couple: Saying "yes" to a conflict-free diamond. We have just the answer for those proposals! Put an ethical ring on it with Clean Origin's lab-grown diamonds. News flash ladies - not all diamonds are created equally. Finding an ethical and sustainable engagement ring - meaning identifying choices where no people, animals or ecosystems were harmed in the making of your ring - is not just a trend. Diamonds continue to play a meaningful and significant role in our culture. They are still an important symbol for those choosing to make a lifelong commitment to one another. So why would you want your ring tainted with the negative impact of a mined diamond? With lab-created diamond rings, couples have a new and beautifully honorable choice. This feature, we are shining a brighter light on the reasons why you will want a lab-grown diamond - not only this engagement season, but beyond.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

When awareness was raised about the dark side of mined diamonds, also referred to as blood diamonds, conversations began to spark. This drew much needed attention to the negative activities occurring in the industry that were unknown to the public. Following the controversy, newer options began to grow - literally - as in the lab-created diamond. However, the number one question became, "Are lab-created diamonds real diamonds?" The answer is a simple and brilliant yes! Clean Origin's passion from the beginning has always been about diamonds and putting their customers first. Because of this, they have chosen to design all their jewelry using lab-created diamonds and conflict-free craftsmanship. But what exactly does this mean?

As the name implies, lab-created diamonds are made in a lab that replicates the natural process of high heat and high pressure to create a stone that's chemically, physically and optically the exact same as a diamond that was mined from the earth. The only difference between the two are their origins - one was grown in a lab, one was grown in the earth.

But an environmentally-friendly, ethically sourced diamond isn't all that you'll get from Clean Origin. Because the supply chain is much shorter (think Warby Parker), they can price their diamonds much more competitively (even in the lab-grown industry)! So your 2 carat diamond ring just became a 2.5 carat, for the same price. It doesn't get much better than that!

The founders of Clean Origin had one thing on their mind when they started the company: being on the right side of history. Technology has evolved and shown us that there's no longer a need to hurt our environment - or those living in it - to get stunning diamonds. So, if you're thinking about popping the big question, put an ethical ring on it with Clean Origin's lab-grown diamonds - they embody the kind of transparency we love!