What we have come to learn about bridal designer Lazaro is that any synonym you associate with a diamond - think dazzle, shine, sparkle, shimmer, twinkle and more - you can apply to his designs. We're talking a girl's best friend. We've been keeping a close eye on how Lazaro outshines with sparkle wedding dresses across the industry. Needless to say, he sparked our attention. Lazaro is as they say, "the salt of the earth" and crazy talented to boot. He is a true gem in the industry and his diva glam designs reflect just that while offering brides a multi-dimensional style. Refraction is what he does best. His designs have a dramatic effect on how light performs when it strikes the fabrics he uses. As his new collection took to the runway during New York Bridal Fashion Week there was not a dull moment to be had. Once again sprinkling in his sparkle magic in a spectral of colors from classic white and ivories to gold, navy, pink. The radiance of his unexpected midnight dazzle simply dropped jaws. Duke Images framed each brilliant moment for us in this gorgeous exclusive Strictly Weddings gallery.

Lazaro Outshines with Sparkle Wedding Dresses

One of the reasons Lazaro outshines with sparkle wedding dresses is his unparalleled knowledge around brightness and contrast. Bringing texture to the forefront and layering in an array of details with a sumptuous mix of dreamy fabrics. Designed to enchant and seduce, Lazaro creates frothy ball gowns to sculptured trumpets. Goddess gowns in luxurious fabrics shimmer and bedazzle, as modern florals with botanical motifs capture a bride's love for the romantics. Metallic gowns that sparkle under shimmering net and layers and layers of luscious lace for tempting textures. Lazaro creates perfection for a bride's evening under the stars, an opulent ballroom bathed in golden light, or a magical destination far away. Within in the 2019 Collection, brides will find and array of silhouettes, varying necklines and fabric choices that range from notable lace details, silky satins and feather embellishments. But for us, it is how Lazaro outshines with sparkle wedding dresses - the glowing stars that truly illuminate this designer's panache within the JLM Couture brand.