Gone are the days of frustration and anguish as a plus size bride shopping for her dream dress. Especially, as Lovella Bridal offers wedding dresses size 14 and up within their very own exclusive Lovella+ selection. Not only carrying the largest collection in the Southern California, but styles that are over the top glamorous and give a quality fit for today's modern-day queen. Embracing all body types is not only Lovella Bridal's specialty it is their obsession. Proof in the words? They recently expanded the upper level of their boutique and dedicated the entire area to exclusively house sample gowns in a variety of designers, sizes and styles ranging from wedding dresses size 14-26. With Duke Images behind the lens, they showcase some of their standout designs that are in their boutique now. Lovella Bridal offers wedding dresses size 14 and up that are simply masterpieces.

Lovella Bridal Offers Wedding Dresses Size 14 and Up

Ladies, we cannot stress our own respect for this boutique enough. Lovella Bridal that flows with gowns that embody chic styles and exquisite fittings. But, to us and nearly as important, their consultants are dedicated to providing a luxury experience. With buyers who continuously search the world over for top designers, Lovella Bridal knows that delivering their high standards - from selection to customer service - it is important that every bride no matter their shape and size be able to find their dream dress. When you walk out that door you will be feeling like a Queen. And on your wedding day the bridal style you found joy in selecting will have you walking down the aisle with your head held high and heart full toward your fairytale happily ever after. Remember at Lovella Bridal they understand that you are not just paying for a dress. Their knowledgeable and expert fashion consultants will help guide you through the process. It's what they do, and keep in mind - it what they love doing!

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