Lately, we've been providing our readers with an engagement ring 101, or more over, giving you the down-low on diamonds vs lab-grown diamonds. Today, we're talking about the other sparkling option with Alexander Sparks, right in time for engagement season. We are looking at all the reasons why saying yes to moissanite engagement rings could be a more dazzling choice for you. If you want a diamond alternative that is ethical, cost efficient and sparkles with a greater fire than a diamond, then moissanite engagement rings are just what you're searching for. It may look like a diamond, but a moissanite stone has a charming identity of its own. Most people understand the essentials when it comes to buying a ring - shape, clarity, settings, metal - these key points have been talked about for years. But, with the rising awareness over blood diamonds a new stone has been turned for future generations.

Saying Yes to Moissanite Engagement Rings

Lab grown moissanite engagement rings are a great option for the woman who does not ant a diamond and who values ethics over natural origin. The similarities and differences between a lab-gown moissanite are "clearer" than you might expect. It's a great option for those who want to maximize their sparkle, but are tight on budget. Natural, mined diamonds have been the most popular precious stone used in engagement rings and are mined from the earth giving them a geological origin. Lab grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory and so have a manmade origin. A moissanite isa gemstone born from the stars, first discovered by Henri Moissan, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. They are considerably more affordable than either lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds. Manmade moissanite engagement rings are growingly more preferred to its mined translucent counter points because they pose no risk to the environment or have negative social impact. However, a moissanite is not a diamond as it has its own unique qualities that give a fire and brilliance to them. Moissanites exhibit a different kind of brilliance as their faceting pattern is different. They have a fiery near rainbow flash that is emitted. Moissanite engagement rings are comparable to that of a diamond rings making it a beautiful fit to your lifestyle and your values. If you are looking for a little sparkle under the tree this year without blowing your budget, we suggest asking Santa to maximize your dazzle by saying yes to moissanite engagement rings. But, wait! There's more, before sticking that Dear Santa letter in the mail, as Alexander Sparks also has an exquisite choice of morganite rings. Is this new to you too too? A morganite is a rare semi-precious stone that is pretty peachy. Actually, it literally is a peachy-pink variety of beryl, cousin to more familiar beryls like emerald and aquamarine. It's warm overtones make morganite engagement rings an ideal alternative for diamonds too. So Santa, if you want to sneak under the tree one of their morganite rings, we're okay with that too! Hint, hint.