If you are currently planning your wedding, you are probably feeling a bit stressed out right now. But, with Confetti Films' picture-perfection you are about to lay eyes on might put things in perspective. Not just one day was planned, but seven events at three venues uniting Priti and Rohan. We are talking a three day luxury wedding in India. Escape to the city of Jaipur with us to see the unforgettable celebration that F5 Weddings planned. Every ounce of this was not only original, produced and organized down to the last detail, but screams with flair. Over the top glam complete with fireworks and elephants making Priti and Rohan's union the most enjoyable and memorable. Here's a hint brides-to-be, this grand celebration has some pretty amazing ideas that stand out and are completely steal-worthy. Prepare to be in awe - we still are!

Three Day LuxuryWedding in India

This three day luxury wedding in India began with, of course, a grand welcoming for guest arriving at the airport. The entire family was decked out in either Groom Squad or Bride Squad t-shirts. As soon as guests reached the hotel the Nagada's and Tutari along with Aarti Tikka was done to every guest and welcomed with a beautiful hamper. A small welcome dinner was planned for the bride, groom and their immediate families. The families had a great time dancing away where the decor was kept minimalistic. The following day was the traditional Haldi. The color scheme was mint and yellow and an entrance arch in marigold draped in elegant drapes complimented the marigold hanging around the venue. For the Mehendi which was a Rajasthani Style - Desi Swag - the décor was vibrant with bright colors. While the guest seating was typical Rajasthani diwan seating, the cushions were customized telling Priti and Rohan's love story adding a personal touch to their Mehendi function. The bridal seating was a floral chakra of fresh and colorful flowers. The guests were welcomed with Dhol and it set everybody in the right mood. While the guests were applying Mehendi, the bride and groom made a grand entry with traditional Ghoomar Dancers and Dhol. There were various booths for the guests' entertainment including nail art, balloon shooting, ring toss, Kullad Wali Chai and more. The evening moved into the Sangeet ceremony with a Glitz-n-Glam theme The Gulmohar. An over-sized gold shimmer painted 3D cut out saying 'GLAMISTAN' welcomed one and all.The banquet pathway had a red carpet with queue managers. There were paparazzi clicking pictures of the guests at the pathway along with an emcee taking interviews of guests which was being played on a live screen inside the banquet for all those who were inside. Right at the entrance of the banquet were present six bouncers stamping the guests hands as a sign of being present at the great #PRKiyaTohDarnaKya's Sangeet. Earlier in the morning, all guests weregiven a black and golden boarding pass customized in the couple's story. The reason behind doing this was because Rohan and Priti's love story began because of a boarding pass. Therefore, to make it a memory and an element of their big days, the boarding pass was used as entry pass at the function which had their story written in short at the back, leaving no guest clueless, making them feel a part of every tiny celebration. A section of the pathway also had a 3D looking notebook of Rohan and Priti's entire love story in a summary surrounded with candles, votive and bouquet stands. The pool party took place at Taj JaiMahal. The theme was pastel colors. The entrance had 3D letter cut outs "COOLBY THE POOL" painted in white place on a small blue color raiser, surrounded with beautiful peach and pink flowers and a blue and peach draping backdrop giving a pool party feel right at the beginning. The entrance arch was of the same cloth draping and floral arrangements made on the top with lots of dreamcatchers. As soon as one entered the venue, each side had a surf board signage message. The decor of the venue was very light after a hectic previous night. The table center pieces were customized with small letter cut outs of the couple's initials "R&P" along with a vintage looking bottle and white, peach and pink flowers and there were ice cream shape floral center pieces. There were various hangings around the venue including different types of floral arrangements, dream catchers, paper lanterns with floral work and floral ring hangings. The Baraat started from the entry of TajJai Mahal Palace to the lawns. The groom made his entry on an elephant with a baraat band. The traditional rituals of the milni took place, soon after which the bride made her entry with her brothers for the varmala under a flower chaddar. Oncethe rituals were done, the close family proceeded to the Sajjan Ghot for dinner. Since the wedding was a Sabyasachi theme, there was a royal red and golden Sajjan Ghot. The entire décor of the venue was red and gold keeping the theme in mind. The entrance was a huge structure with grand chandeliers. There were more than 1000 votive and candles placed at the Taj Jai Mahal Palace -Fountain Lawns. All four fountains were covered with florals and candles. Whew! All we are left to say is bravo, F5 Weddings- BRAVO!