Doesn't it seem that when planning your wedding day, you can be bombarded by questions ranging from your wedding dress, color scheme, floral and cake, the menu - heck even questions about your theme? Yet, no one is really talking about one of the most important element of the day. Your entertainment! The basic and vital component for your reception to go down as an unforgettable party. We discovered that Last Minute Musicians is one easy guide to planning your wedding music. If you're browsing our pages as a newly engaged couple, we realize this can be an overwhelming time. This topic shouldn't be. Music should be the exciting one as it's an opportunity to show off your creativity, get your family and friends on the dance floor and have an evening that no one will forget. This is exactly where Last Minute Musicians comes in to "play" as a live entertainment directory. See what we did there?

Easy Guide to Planning Your Wedding Music

You might think Last Minute Musicians is a band name. Let's clarify. It is not. It is the ultimate resource in booking entertainment throughout the UK, offering a thorough website portal to help navigate you through every question that comes to mind. And then some! Including a few we loved, like: editing your play list and what plays when the band breaks. The best part? Once you poke around some of the fabulous article quick reads, you simply book your choices. You can search for bands and ensembles, solo musicians or DJs and other live artists. The Last Minute Musicians site was first devised by two musicians who met while studying at Trinity College of Music in London. Popularity and visitor numbers have grown steadily since its launch in 2003 and is now the UK's leading live entertainment directory. Used every day of the year as one marvelous easy guide to planning your wedding music. Visitors can browse profiles, read reviews, listen to audio, watch videos and choose from a rapidly growing selection of the best musicians, bands, entertainers and related companies. You'll find tips on everything from the practicalities of booking a band, ceremony music, to suggestions for a truly romantic first dance. And here is a bit of advice from the start from us¦ Trust us. You're going to be so hype on your wedding day, you're going to want to be the DJ. But, it's your day to shine and celebrate too. Leave the music to those you've hired. Be sure to let the entertainment know your music preference by giving them a playlist or genre of music and enjoy the moment. You'll hear the best music without ever having to queue your own. So where do you want to begin? May we suggest, their checklist?

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