Sometimes less is more. But, not all the time. Because when "more is more" is inspired by Dolce Gabbana and happens to be done right, the results can be utterly breathtaking. Escape to Villa Catignano for this stunning family oriented Italian garden wedding ceremony featuring an abundance of floral, exquisite rustic detail combined with sophisticated touches. Lisa and Niklas who met when they were 16, envisioned a highly personal, musical and family oriented affair where their three kids could celebrate their union. Leave that to the dynamic husband and wife team in Tuscany. This is the art they have mastered! With husband Jules Bower behind the lens and his wife Sarbina Carbone of The Extraordinaire on planning, they created a perfectly intimate and luxurious two-day celebration. The floral of Stiatti Fiori is certainly a highlight and Preludio Classe Catering's Crostata di Frutta is absolutely drool-worthy. Lisa wearing Swedish designer, Frida Jonsvens', gown is the epitome of a non-traditional bride choosing a glorious blush A-line gown with floral detail that is show stopping tying into the overall theme for her family oriented Italian garden wedding ceremony.

Family Oriented Italian Garden Wedding Ceremony

Jules Bower and Sarbina Carbone proposed two gorgeous Villas to spread out the festivities over Lisa and Niklas' wedding weekend. A welcome dinner held at the Villa di Geggiano with the Italian garden wedding ceremony taking place the following day at the nearby Villa Catignano. As a graphic designer and creator of Studio Lisa Bengtsson, it was her passion to plan her own wedding seeing loads of spectacular flower arrangements, dinner settings while incorporating lots of color and texture to develop an original wedding theme. Together, she and The Extraordinaire hit their stride with their personalities clicking at once. Creative contributions were met with enhanced details for an effortless experience. The entire ambience is a visual seduction with floral artistry in array of pinks hues and reds blending with other strong and subtle colors mixed with textures. One of the highlights is Lisa's bouquet that has a flowing feel with organic, loose and colorful floral including a touch of bougainvillea that compliments her gown. And let's talk about that gorgeousness with its handmade fabric, skillfully hand embroidered floral detail on the bodice, arms, - and those sleeves! A custom piece that carried Lisa's "more is more" theme for her family oriented Italian garden wedding ceremony.