If you're still feeling that royal wedding fever, we have just the fairytale to feed that craving. Proof that you don't have to be a real-life princess to walk the aisle in a show-stopping number. Based on this California stunner, Lovella Bridal delivered serious princess worthy styling for this bride who channeled her own Cinderella look. One breathtaking YSA Makino ball gown beauty that we've laid our eyes upon¦ truly. From behind Rene Zadori Photography's lens comes a modern-day fairytale in neutral hues and pops of greenery. A day where bridal bliss took the forefront, as Avenia certainly was the star of her own show. There are notable regal elements to be seen too. Feast your eyes on her royal-worthy cake by Dress My Cake with its 8-layers of pure sophisticated temptation. Or her dapper Prince Charming who could not keep his eyes off his bride. It all began when Lovella Bridal delivered serious princess worthy styling for Avenia, who had searched many locations for her dream dress, but the moment she stepped into this luxury boutique it only took one for her to say yes.

Lovella Bridal Delivered Serious Princess Worthy Styling

Avenia and Patrick's wedding planning came very early with both her mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law helping with the bridal gown search. Since Patrick works within the wedding industry, he knew many of the professionals that they selected, making the entire process less stressful and time efficient. Rene Zadori Photography was an obvious choice for the couple. His pinch-yourself-pretty portraits continue to awe the bride and groom. Finding her dream dress actually began as a challenge having searched in several other boutiques. However, the moment she stepped into Lovella Bridal, her fashion expert knew exactly what she was seeking. Lovella Bridal delivered serious princess worthy styling and Avenia trusted their expert advice. The results are flawless. First and foremost, Avenia's most memorable part of her fairytale was their first look. She exclaims that, "it felt like magic." Seeing his bride brought to tears to Patrick's eyes which in itself is a rare moment. For her, everything felt complete. Their first dance rivaled that moment with the intimacy that shared being surrounded by family and friends to celebrate them as newly Mr. and Mrs. Not long after, Lovella Bridal delivered serious princess worthy styling for Avenia did she walk into her next chapter as a happily ever after bride sure to inspire more royal and regal wedding fever. If your looking for your own Cinderella dream dress, be sure to book your appointment to Lovella Bridal's fairytale events with the renowned bridal designers they carry.