Happy Year of the Pig, lovelies. In case you missed it, yesterday officially kicked of the Chinese New Year. This marks the beginning of their Spring Festival that ends February 19th with a Lantern Festival as part of their "little year" celebrations. With this adorably artistic styled shoot from Lorena Burns Photography, we thought it would be fun to ask the question: "Are you a bride who will have a Year of the Pig wedding day?" Or maybe you are a bride born under this sign as the twelfth of all zodiac animals. If so, let's dive into the characteristics of this Chinese zodiac sign and what it means to you. At the same time, this perfectly charming editorial also tickles us pink for the month of February that just so happens to also be when the day of love falls. All this combined brings forth some steal-worthy ideas if you are a 2019 bride or newly engaged as the creative is just too cute for a portrait shesh with your own Valentine.

Year of the Pig Wedding Day

First let us formally introduce you to Miss Keo. The star of this Year of the Pig wedding day feature who loves eating fresh flowers and fruit because, yes - she is of course vegan. Miss Keo apparently also loves to chew gum and kindly spits it out when she is done. If you are having a Year of the Pig wedding day or are a Year of the Pig bride, yourself - it is important to know that not only do you have a beautiful personality you are also blessed with good fortune in life. While those born under this sign may not stand out in a crowd they are very realistic. When it comes to planning your wedding take note that while others may be all talk and no action, you are quite the opposite. Getting things done in a timely matter will play toward your advantage. Though you won't blow your entire savings account as a "wasteful spender" on your big day you will enjoy it. By your intrinsic nature, guests can count on a fabulous reception as you love a good party and great entertainment. If you are a real believer in zodiac signs and what the Chinese calendar says it would be worthy to note a few of the lucky and not so lucky things if having a Year of the Pig wedding day. Lucky colors for the Year of the Pig are yellow, gray and brown. Not so lucky colors? Blue and green. Good news though as we tend to love a strong gray accent color so don't fear if you need to change that blue hue. Also, consider going with the Color of the Year, Living Coral that will meld beautifully with those lucky shades. Lastly, if you haven't quite settled on a date, think about the 2nd, 5th or 8th and certainly avoid the 1st, 7th and 9th. No matter if you take stock in zodiac myths or not, we do wish everyone a Happy New Year. 新年快乐

Photographer: Lorena Burns Photography Floral Designer: The Floral Eclectic Dress Designer: Great Simplicity Cake Designer: For the love of Cake by Jessica Smith Calligrapher: Words Made Semple Invitation Designer: Hands of Hollis