Finding that dream dress isn't quite the nightmare every bride worries about. Take today's featured bride who only wanted to wear an Enzoani wedding dress. Finding her bridal gown at Karoza Bridal was really quite easy as she knew exactly her style and was adamant about wearing it. Kristina talks about how planning her theme of simple elegance was the holy grain of experiences. A beautiful nightmare. Which she does elaborate on lose term that many brides feel. The results of her day are nothing short of a dream though. Held at the Intercontinental Century City a day of ease and sophistication unfolds as Rene Zadori Photographer tells the story of Kristina and William's union from behind the lens in one stunning gallery to pour over.

Bride Who Only Wanted to Wear an Enzoani Wedding Dress

So what is a beautiful nightmare for this bride who only wanted to wear an Enzoani wedding dress? The beautiful part comes into play as she enlisted a top team of California vendors to help her vision become a reality. The importance of their roles and helping to answer the million questions that came to her throughout the process eased each step. She not only felt assured that her day was going to go as planned, but that it would look and feel like her own magical fairytale. The nightmare? Well, she says with confidence and a touch of sarcasm that as a bride you can be your own worst enemy. When you try and figure everything out on your own there are simply too many options and information to gather and agree upon the entire experience just becomes overwhelming. If she could do it all over again, not just for her wedding day - but in planning any future event - she offers the age-old advice to trust those around you. With the insight that they provide, their professional experience and the relationships that you end up building with each - the entire event becomes priceless. In her opinion, the top three vendors by a bride's side and in no particular order are her photographer, planner and the DJ. Beautiful advice coming from a beautiful bride and her exquisite wedding.