If there is one thing we should all be clear on, it's the dazzle beauty found with the grey moissanite rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry! Between the various shapes, sizes and metals she offers in her own line of grey moissanite dazzlers - coined Iconic Moissanite - these super rare beauties outshine. Not just as an engagement ring either. These rings can make a statement on any finger for any occasion. Her Iconic line features super rare grey moissanites cut specifically for her beloved Vintage Inspired Collection. They grey hue that we have been obsessing over can range from a medium smokey-grey to a deep steely grey and even an extremely limited amount of blue-grey we sincerely lust after. They truly rival in color and clarity when it comes to a grey moissanite.

Grey Moissanite Rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry

If you aren't familiar with natural grey moissanite, here's a bit of backstory. The moody grey hue occurs naturally during the moissanite crystal growing process. She once sourced from Charles & Colvard who produced a small amount of greys years ago. However, they found the hue too hard to control and stopped producing them all together. At that time, Kristin Coffin Jewelry purchased all the grey moissanites that Charles & Colvard had left in their vaults. While that stock is nearing its end, with only sizes remaining as 1 ct rounds and under, she was quickly scouring for a new source for her rare gems. The grey moissanite rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry are now known as her exclusive Iconic Moissanite. Be warned, Strictly Weddings lovelies - these too can sell our quickly. If you are lusting after the shining grey moissanite rings of Kristin Coffin Jewelry we've been sharing on our social then start shopping for your size now! It has taken her a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and trial and error to fine tune her Iconic grey line that she now offers. The reward? We think wearing such a rare beauty day in and day out. Grey not your shade? Don't worry she has some juicey hues you'll want to take a bite out of too. And of course, some sparkling white must-haves that are conflict free - just how we like them!

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