In case you had any doubts, this modern wedding day planned by Details Details and captured by Duke Images proves California weddings are without a doubt oh-sooo chic. And this glamorous white on white affair at Pelican Hill Resort just so happens to be that of NBA star Julius Randle and Kendra Shaw. From the blooming white rose arrangements of Nisie's Enchanted to Kendra's knockout bridal fashion in not one but two top name designers, Ines Di Santo and Ryan & Walter Bridal - this day is everything and more. Peep the adorable floral filled wagon for their adorable son and the moment they as a family light the unity candle. This stunner is packed with love, laughter and luxury. Guest appearances at this glamorous white on white affair at Pelican Hill Resort are enough to put stars in your eyes too - especially any Laker fans or University of Kentucky alums.

Glamorous White on White Affair at Pelican Hill Resort

Kendra and Julius' glamorous white on white affair at Pelican Hill Resort was not only elegant but bathed in white roses to celebrate a love that began almost instantly. Kendra was celebrating her 20th birthday and they both had attended a mutual friend's party in college. However, it wasn't Julius 6-foot-9-inch height that the petite blonde notable remembered during their introductions. Rather, it was his impeccable manners. Their love ignited about as quickly as his NBA career when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers she made the move to California with him. As they searched for a wedding venue it was important for the couple to find some a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. They discovered The Resort at Pelican Hill with its renowned rotunda perfect for an outdoor wedding they envisioned under the California blue skies overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A flower girl pulled their then 7-month son down the aisle in a wagon overflowing with white roses - the theme of the day for their glamorous white on white affair. The reception festivities started off in high spirits, as the wedding attendants encircled the newlyweds while improvising freestyle dance moves. Speeches included a hilarious cocktail-fueled, off-the-cuff presentation by two Lakers teammates and a "beat" to a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tune, with new lyrics performed and written by the friend who introduced them. Southern-style food stations near the photo booth supplemented the formal dinner, featuring down-home favorites of the couple including chicken and waffles and pecan and apple pies.