An abundance of romantic energy, beautiful art history and loads of delicious food and wine. That's Florence, everyone. The capital of Italy's Tuscany region and home to countless Renaissance art masterpieces, architecture and iconic sites. It was also home to an intimate destination wedding for travel enthusiasts that tied the knot in the most dreamiest of ways honoring traditional and unconventional experiences. Brooke and Damien's garden party at the Villa Cora with The Tuscan Wedding on point for endless details is awe-inspiring. From the luxurious décor to the time-honored tradition of jumping the broom, we are spellbound by the gallery captured by Quattro Studio.

Intimate Destination Wedding for Travel Enthusiasts

Brooke and Damien wanted their guests to experience Tuscany and enjoy the infamous Italian wines as much as they do as a couple. To kick of the celebration with their 40 guests, they hosted a luxurious wine tasting prior to the ceremony. This lavish intimate wedding ceremony for travel enthusiasts was nothing short of an extravaganza with a combination of many traditional and unconventional experiences. The first tradition was the lighting of a unity candle which both the bride and groom's mothers joined in for to symbolize the union of the couple as one. This was followed by hand fasting where the love birds hold hands and promise to love each other today, tomorrow and for all of eternity. After the two shared their first kiss as a married couple, magical white doves appeared. The couple truly celebrated an old tradition as they jumped over the broom to signify their entrance into a new life (or the sweeping away of their past single life). After an unforgettable ceremony, The Tuscan Wedding guided all guests to join in a three course Italian style cuisine. Breathtaking table tops graced the ballroom with lush floral in high and low arrangements. As the reception came to an end, Brooke and Damien wanted to leave their guests with one last bit of entertainment. What better way to end a remarkable celebration that with a dazzling fireworks show for a couple who clearly has sparks flying when it comes to romance.