We've been talking a lot about Paris lately. But, honestly, can you blame us? It is the city of all things love and romance. Especially when an elegant summer elopement in Paris crosses our email it simply ignites destination dreams and wanderlust goals. Basically, it's like cupid hitting a direct arrow into our romantic girly hearts. So, when we saw this beauty from Paris Photographer Pierre of a Denver couple who wanted an intimate I DO - it has us saying we DO too! Everything in this pretty little gallery with its touching love story is going to move you. We're talking epic portraits at the Eiffle Tower, the Louvre and a stunning nuptial exchange at the Relais Christine with floral by Georges Francois Fleurs. Let's not be remiss in mentioning a standout Pronovias bride because Paris is also known for fashion. A stylish bride just seems to be a natural fit and must have for this elegant summer elopement in Paris.

Elegant Summer Elopement in Paris

Let's talk couple goals first. Jim and Amy met six years ago in Denver, Colorado while working for the same company and both transfers. They began their relationship as friends, building a solid foundation while making special memories in the Mile High City. Jim on Christmas Morning in 2015 with a ring wrapped in a bigger box to disguise the ring box under the tree. Being ever so coy, he had wrapped the ring box in a bigger box packed with Hershey kisses. As she began to open the smaller box, Jim took it from her and said let me help with this one. She knew from that moment. They went back and forth on what they envisioned for a wedding asking all the right questions: Did they want a traditional wedding; perhaps a destination wedding or the big question - choose an intimate elopement. After a lot of thought, together they landed on the idea of eloping, wanting their day to be private and focused on their commitment to each other. Amy spent a lot of time on Pinterest for just the right inspiration ensuring that they capture the Parisian feel. Timeless beauty, romance and an cozy ceremony all being at the top of the list. They didn't necessarily have a color scheme, but kept the details neutral with ivory, blush tones and a little gold. But clearly much through was given to the portraits they would savor for years to come cherishing their elegant summer elopement in Paris.