Can you guess what we love most about our "job" here at Strictly Weddings is? If you guessed being privy to love stories from all around the world then you would be one-hundred-percent right. Today's luxury Lebanese Armenian wedding is certainly a prime example to this testament. But then add to that being able to share you all - our readers - these different cultural experiences and traditions and really inspiration and it all comes down to a heck of dream job. Because at the end of the day - love universal and it is a beautiful thing. Today's featured bride, Palig, personally submitted her gorgeous extravaganza that included a snapshot into not only her luxury Lebanese Armenian wedding at Le Clos de Faqra in Lebanon, but also her engagement in Bali and bachelorette getaway in Mykonos with her tribe. This gallery by Brightlight Image is packed with all kinds of prettiness that Palig and Garen shared in to celebrate their love.

Luxury Lebanese Armenian Wedding

Palig and Garen's love story actually began at another wedding of a common friend. Garen's brother and mother helped orchestrate their meeting by insisting Palig share their table. The evening's flirtation lead to messaging one another until at 4:oo a.m., Garen arrived at her house to personally convey his guilty feelings of not being more direct at the wedding. This confessional all lead to one life altering kiss that night. So how did the engagement take palce? Funny thing. Both Palig and Garen are originally Armenian and once a year they visit their motherland. In 2017, she had a basketball tournament in Armenia, so they were there for the tournament with the entire family and their closest friends. At the end of this tournament, Garen proposed a road trip to a nice region called Dilijan. During the whole trip, he was taking photos of the ring with her in the background. Once they arrived at Parz Lij, they rented small boats at the lake and went sailing. As they were gathered in a peaceful spot, Palig was taking photos and suddenly recognized that Garen was down on one knee, ring in hand. Needless to say she was speechless right up to the moment she breathlessly said yes. Prior to their luxury Lebanese Armenian wedding, Palig spent time with her squad in frolicking in Mykonos. Palig and Garen also shared an engagement with family in Bali leading up to the ultimate of festivities. For their wedding, Palig being a self-acclaimed lover of the color black wanted chic and simplistic for her theme. As they sought out a venue, she searched for somewhere private. An ambience where guests could feel at ease and somewhere pure and genuine. Le Clos de Faqra was the perfect option. Tablescapes and chairs were dressed in dark colors to highlight the beauty of the venue. We Plan by Christiane Adam and florist Ikebana created an enchanted garden with bold colorful flowers to make the venue feel like paradise. So you may think that this lavish reception was the ultimate wrap up to this jet setting couple. That answer is a resounding no. We learned from Palig that the are just returning from their third honeymoon!

Luxury Lebanese Armenian Wedding from Strictly Weddings on Vimeo.