Today's featured wedding brings to light two facts that we can share with our readers. Fact one: There is such a thing as a groomzilla. Fact two: There is no shame in it. Thankfully, we have Sharmagh and Richard who were willing to share the funny side and the dynamics of a groomzilla versus bridezilla. We also are grateful to Rene Zadori Photography who had the pix to prove that not only the results, but perhaps the groom's anxiety was well worth it too! After being with each other for over 13 years, Sharmagh confesses that planning their wedding brought out sides of each other that they had not quite seen yet. But isn't that the fun of a relationship too? Yes! Discovering each aspect of one another's personality and learning to love that part too. Sharmagh certainly found the humor in it. She also confesses to loving the role of playing a "bride-chilla."

The Dynamics of a Groomzilla Versus Bridezilla

Swapping roles during the wedding planning process was fairly entertaining for Sharmagh and Richard, as they shared with us. It's not often you hear about the dynamics of a groomzilla versus bridezilla. Since Richard stressed over each gorgeous detail of their fairy tale wedding day, it took off some of the pressure off Sharmagh. The worry a bride typically experiences. Even the vendors admired the active role Richard played in the planning process. Frequently mentioning that they had never seen a groom so detail driven and task oriented. As you can see in the results, his energy was well spent though. The vendors in place also helped achieve an unforgettable experience. The best advice they offer is to "trust your gut and do what feels right for the both of you" No matter what you may be otherwise be told - do what makes you both happy. Sharmagh and Richard's favorite moment though was their first dance. After all the planning and anticipation leading up to that moment with a room filled with 400 guests all they saw was each other. After the wedding when Rene sent them a photo of their first dance they were both taken back and blown away on how beautiful it all looked. "Neither of us realized we were floating on a cloud while dancing - created by the fog machine. We were so into each other that we forgot about everyone else." Now that is a perfect quote and summary to the dynamics of a groomzilla versus bridezilla who ended up dancing their way into a happily ever after!