We all have our own obsession with the city of love. Right? But, after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just shared their own I Do's in an extravagant ceremony, we expect wedding celebrations in Paris to see an uptick. If it's good enough for the "Queen of the North" then really do you need any further convincing? With its quiet streets, charming chateaus and exclusive restaurants, a magical intimate wedding celebration in Paris seems to be the dreamiest of locales. Or if budget doesn't matter and you want to go all out - then a large soiree like the latest mega fab stars chose to do as round two after their elopement in Vegas also works. With its luxurious hotels and expansive terraces like the Shangri-La offers, it turns out Paris is pretty good at accommodating those too. The city is diverse and desirable on any level as Fran Boloni captures in this portrayal. Escape into a magical intimate wedding celebration in Paris, the City of Light, where everything is possible.

Magical Intimate Wedding Celebration in Paris

Today's editorial tells the story of Romy and Eliott, who fled to France for a magical intimate wedding celebration in Paris. A couple who imagined themselves in a dreamy place to celebrate their special love with the touch of sophistication and elegance surrounding them. Now take one gorgeous place, some exceptional local wedding professionals and voila - the magic begins to unfold. The Shangri-La offers a charming historic story for a bride and groom to celebrate with a natural lighting and opulent aesthetic. The tablescape encompasses different materials such as a feather, cookie, ceramic, paper while working on the white with golden notes. This creates a fluid and voluptuous movement to the setting with a foundation created by the silk linen. The flowers and colors were inspired by the purity of love. Using spring flowers such as roses, tulips and lots of greeneries to create a wild state that contrasts with the classic place. The white pureness and the dream place, with wild flowers in the historical room create sophisticated area. This magical intimate wedding celebration in Paris is about marrying contemporary table art, a textured 3D embellished gown and accessories with the hotel's "classic" style to create a timeless and chic atmosphere. The modern, elegant and graceful couple in a classic atmosphere captured in a fine art style that translates to a delicate and sweet memory when looking back years from today.